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Then they cried out to the Lord, and said, ‘We have sinned, because we have forsaken the Lord and served the Baals and Ashtoreths; but now deliver us from the hand of our enemies, and we will serve You. 1 Samuel 12: 10

God’s people suffer for not knowing how good, merciful and forgiving He is. Whoever is under any oppression of evil, seeing their family being attacked by all sorts of sufferings, must seek the Lord and confess their errors. Thus, they will see what the Most High can and wants to do for them. He is the same in forgiving, healing, delivering, and raising those who seek Him.

In the days of the judges, this was constantly happening, and the same thing happens in our days. Man’s mistake today is the same as in the past: not obeying the Lord’s commandments. Failure to pay attention to God opens gaps through which the enemy has been able to enter many lives and cause destruction. To operate his evil will, the devil needs a wicked heart.

In order not to repeat the adverse situations of biblical times, we must tread the paths proposed by the Most High, relying on His directions given by the Word. Otherwise, we will be led to hide in pits created by men, which serve no purpose. Why dig broken cisterns, if we have the fountain of living waters (Jeremiah 2: 13)?

The ways of life are clearly shown in the Scriptures. Whenever the Lord reveals them to us, if we want to free ourselves from our enemies, we must accept those ways, confess our transgressions, and determine that we will no longer serve the devil or do his will. This simple decision will lead us to complete deliverance and success. Are you willing to get rid of the devils that surround you?

There was a time when God raised people to lead His people – the judges. When they cried out to the Lord, deliverance occurred. So it was in the days of Gideon. When the hope of staying alive was gone, because of the oppression of Midianites, the Most High used the youngest son of the poorest family in a land of wretches, and he put an end to the oppression of his people. Today, this can happen to those who believe.

In those days, the Israelites had no king. When they were wrong, they turned back to the Lord in sincere repentance, with crying and tears, and He heard them. Today, he who turns to the Most High with all his heart can cry out, because he will be helped. There is no human leader who can give us deliverance for himself. But when the people of God cry, the Father lifts up a person that is prepared, and thus, those who believe are delivered.

Do not let the devil finish the work of destruction in your life, but seek God, who is easy to find. Surely He will deliver you from your enemies, so that you will dwell in safety. The Lord is your Strength at all times. Amen?

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Deliverer! Now, we know how to act in order to get rid of the forces of evil. Virtually no one can say that there are no insoluble problems, but that You give solution to all of them.

In the past, when Your people followed some evil path and returned to You in repentance, they were delivered. Therefore, we confess that we have erred and let temptations enter our hearts. Forgive us and rescue us!

Give us a word that will free us from the actions of the devil and we will be grateful forever. Make the necessary change in us, so that our heart may not falter,  seeking You in one moment and then turning away from You. Lord, help us!


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