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Immediately the girl arose and walked, for she was twelve years of age. And they were overcome with great amazement. Mark 5:42

A bit before Jesus walked into Jabirus´ house, many were crying their daughter´s death. Then they started laughing at the Master because they didn’t grasp that He is the Creator of all things, and had power to resurrect her. Those who don´t understand this will always behave like those people. There are even believers living as if the Word did not have authority over all things. Failing to obey it is to deny Jesus as Lord and Savior. 

Jesus knew what He was saying, but people didn´t understand Him. Now, those called by God to take part in the Body of Christ can discern they are standing before the One whose authority can bring anyone from death to life. The Lord´s work there would be so great that people would change their opinion. The same can happen to you: when preaching the Gospel, those who are near you will have their understanding changed. 

Jesus is not in a rush to work miracles – the girl would soon be buried. He did not tremble, for He was with the Father. If we are with Him, we neither will fear nor rush. We must act according to what God places in our heart. Next to the Almighty from the very beginning and under the Word, the Verb created all things perfectly. 

Christ walked into the room were the dead girl was, as a sign of what will happen one day when He will tell those who are dead to rise up and all will go back to life. He took the father and mother and three of His disciples. With confidence, He grabbed her hand and told her to rise up. She immediately got up as if she just had been sleeping. Glory to God! 

As the girl heard Jesus’ voice, she soon got up. The disciples were thrilled; the parents didn’t know what to say. It’s so good to consecrate yourself to God and live under His anointing. Obviously we have needs, like resting and facing many problems. However, when we are in Christ and His words in us (John 15:7) we can overcome any battle. 

Can you imagine how Jairus and his wife felt? Now they had their daughter back through the hand of the One who is life Himself. They probably hugged the girl and praise God with all their heart and soul. Although people didn’t think Jairus had done right by seeking the Master, it was evident that it was his best and most blessed attitude. The Lord wants the best for you; so, seek the Author of happiness. 

A great amazement took over those who were laughing at the Lord, because now they were looking at the girl walking happily and healthy. She had died of some illness but when she resurrected all illness left her body. Even death bows to Jesus! He is good!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God that resurrects the dead! What happened at Jabirus’´ house was Just a small example of what will happen when the Savior returns. Upon hearing Your voice, the dead will rise up from the grave. Your glory is much greater than we can imagine! 

On that day, the girl´s parents saw Your power, and so did the other people in the house. At first they were mocking but then they were amazed when facing such miracle. We must act in Your Name!  

 We have a lot to learn with You, walking in the light of Scriptures. Thus, we will live righteously. May the challenges come! We can never offend You because we don´t know how to please You. Amen! 


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