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See, I have set the land before you; go in and possess the land which the Lord swore to your fathers—to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—to give to them and their descendants after them. Deuteronomy 1.8

Moses was used as a prophet for Christ’s Church. The world is ripe to hear about the salvation provided by Jesus. Now, this has nothing to do with being favorable or unfavorable to any religion, but rather – with the redemptive act performed by Christ for the sake of mankind, so that people will not perish in the dense darkness. We have to change the discourse, the focus, and bring everyone to the feet of Jesus. Then they will learn about their right to participate in the work of redemption.

The one who was found at the Nile River said, ” See, I have set the land before you.” This statement represents the Father speaking of that which has been consummated on our behalf, which will lead thousands of people to find eternal happiness. The only way for this to occur is through faith in Christ. All that the world has known of the work done by the Savior is little compared to the work done on Calvary’s cross. There lies the complete solution to all problems. Surrender!

We only need to go in and possess the Land of Divine Promises. Then wars, corruption, and lies will cease. There is no room for adventurers, who try to fulfill themselves by stealth, taking advantage of the opportunities given by God to His children. But anyone can and should seek to save its own life by surrendering it to the Lord. Then, by passing through the narrow Gate and on the tight Path, they will be freed from their sins and condemnation.

The Lord’s declaration is powerful and will be fulfilled in its entirety, since He has committed His Word. Thus, the Church must take its place as a house of prayer for the people, bringing them to a personal contact with God. Conversion on the basis of logic has no eternal value, because if the work does not proceed from the Holy Spirit, the “convert” will be a problem for Christ’s Church.  It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing (John 6:63). 

Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world. Therefore, our Promised Land is spiritual. So, we should be concerned about rescuing people from darkness, instead of thinking about temporary power. The Master has shown us that what is essential is the salvation of each person, because the riches of this world will be burned up after Christ’s return. In the new Earth and in the new Heaven, the important thing will be the wedding garments. Without them, no one will remain in the Kingdom of God (Matthew 22:11-15). Watch and pray!

The Most High is not doing just any work, but the re-creation of those who will enter to be at His side for eternity. Whoever remains living in sin, without holiness, will not be able to enter the heavenly Kingdom. The Lord said: For many are called, but few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14). Remember that God brought the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, but then the rebels were not allowed to enter Canaan (Psalm 95:10,11). What do you say?

The Israelites were the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. However, because of their evil actions, some were not allowed to enter the land that belonged to them. Likewise, anyone who ceases to persevere in doing good will remain outside the Most High´s eternal Paradise.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Promise Keeper! We want to understand the biblical conditions to enter Your eternal Kingdom. We cannot be cast into outer darkness. The example given by the King, upon seeing someone without the wedding garments, is more serious than we think!

Was it any use for many Israelites to pass through the Red Sea and be with those who were admitted, if they remained prostrated in the wilderness? They didn't realize that by listening to the evil spies, they were affronting You, and we cannot do that!

The promise is ours, but many will be placed at Jesus' left hand, and though they have done miracles, cast out demons, and prophesied in Your Name, they will hear that they have been rejected because they have practiced iniquity. God, help us to fulfill Your perfect will!


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