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So when the LORD saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.” Exodus 3.4

The Lord got what He wanted with the fire in the bush: to have His servant’s attention. Until then, Moses probably just cried and complained about being in the desert for 40 long years. It´s good to talk with God about everything, but sometimes His answer will be silence, because He responds when we react to what He makes us feel. From one moment to another, the One Taken from The Waters became curious concerning that sign.

God doesn’t always need to hear our motives, but we can talk to Him about our feelings and our needs. If the Most High remains silent, it´s because we are not paying attention to His Word. Today, our Father answers our questions through the Bible. Because He has foreknowledge, He´s already put everything in the Scriptures. Therefore, in them is everything we need to know in order to be delivered from the snares of the enemy (Matthew 4:4). Believe!

We must let the Most High see that we are attentive to His statements, knowing that His speaking is quite simple. Although He is wise and knows all things hidden from human ability, the Lord prefers to speak in an easy way. In this way, people can understand and give Him the opportunity to heal them. Jesus’ answer to the leper is the same for all of us: “I am willing; (Matthew 8:3).

In fact, God does not refuse to heal you, because He Himself has laid all our pains and all our infirmities upon His Son (Isaiah 53:4,5). The Lord even declares that, by Christ’s wounds, in His suffering on the cross, we have been healed (1 Peter 2:24). Those who manage to watch at least one hour with the Master, acquire faith to have their health restored. Error is in man, so whoever keeps watch with Jesus becomes wise, protected, and victorious. By believing, you generate your deliverance!

By meditating on the Scriptures, which are true, you will obtain the same faith as Abraham, by being his heir. The blessing of this patriarch came to the Gentiles by faith. For this reason, whoever lives in Christ and keeps His words in his heart makes their request and is answered. This wanting is not what you desire, but what you learn to be yours in the Bible. When we are the branches, the Vine bears His fruit through us (John 15:5). Believe!

Moses turned to look at the bush and the dialogue began. Turn from the material to the spiritual and you will hear the Almighty shouting at you. We are far behind, but God will never act this way. For Him, today is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6.2). That Angel of the Lord was the Savior Himself before His incarnation. He still shouts from the midst of the phenomena He shows us. Since He was in a hurry to accomplish the work, God said the name of the future deliverer twice.

Moses’ response was clear: “Here I am.” Thus began the conversation between servant and Lord. The sons of Jacob would be delivered! Tell your heavenly Father that you are ready to receive the information, the directions and the commandments, and then, prepare yourself to fulfill your calling. In His wisdom, the Most High has prepared you for this hour. Don’t be afraid to declare, “Here I am!”

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the most beautiful dialogue! What a day! You managed to get the attention of the one who came into the world with a beautiful work to accomplish. It was not 40 years wasted, but lived and enjoyed in the School of the Holy Spirit. We need to understand what You teach us!

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, being tempted by the devil. But He came out of there with the blessing to do good everywhere the Father would send Him. May we bow down before You, going to the four corners of the Earth, seeking and proclaiming salvation to the sheep that have strayed from You!

That bush, with no further man-made qualifications, was privileged. You revealed to Your servant to never call common that which You have perfected as a great example to be shown to the world. We are grateful that You use us, despite our flaws!


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