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Now Elizabeth’s full time came for her to be delivered, and she brought forth a son. Luke 1:57

Trust in the Lord and do His will, for He will never lose a battle. When the Father sends us to fulfill His will, He promises to be with us until the end of that mission; therefore, we need not fear or reject Him the right to use us. If you don´t understand divine plan, surrender to God now and do what He has planned. The Most High is infinitely good. 

The angel Gabriel was sent to give Zacharias the news that he and his wife would be parents of a boy, but Zacharias didn´t understand the reason why for that “late” divine decision, and because of that, he became mute (Luke 1:18-20). The matter so wonderful that the angel had to mute Zacharias because although he knew and believed the stories of others who were blessed by God in the past, the day he heard the angel speak to him, he did not believe. 

Someone can mention a story of a similar pregnancy, but, since it wasn´t a promise of the Lord, the woman died during delivery or the child was born with some problems. The person to be used by the Almighty must believe in Him. It would be so good if all people lived with the Lord and never doubted. However, some have more important tasks to carry out and think its best “not to waste time” with these matters. We don´t understand them now, or we don´t pay attention to them or don´t know what to say. 

When these things happened, Medicine was way behind and therefore, even the doctors could suggest stopping the pregnancy, because both Elizabeth and the baby were in danger. However, she believed in God and waited happily for her son and then she feed little John, who was growing strong like a bull. God always does that which is necessary. Halleluiah!

Everything the Lord begins has a good end. His works are miraculous in every sense, and everything seems normal. He drew water from the rocks and like Jesus said, He could raise up children to Abraham from stone and not only the bread, as suggested by the devil (Matthew 3:9; Luke 4:3). It doesn’t matter what material is used, but if what we heard comes from God. If He said so, everything will work out. He completes every work that He began! 

Today, God still increases the flour in the bin and the oil in the jar ( see 1 Kings 17). He just needs us to allow Him to work in our favor. Other people will rejoice in what He will do for us. The four leprous men saw how their steps increased in the ears of the Syrians, who were scared and fled away, surrounding Samaria. Then, the word declared by prophet Elisha that there would be fine flour for a good price in a few days, came to pass (2 Kings 7). 

Herod wanted to kill Peter, but the Lord had planned for His servant to be released. Although the apostle was observed by 16 soldiers – after all, the king didn’t want this man to have a supernatural ending that Jesus´ body had – the king was not successful (Acts 12). Herod didn’t know that when God works, nobody can stop Him. Likewise, if you do according to divine will, nothing adverse will happen, unless it´s part of His plan. 

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Wonderful God! If You have never failed to those who listened to You, why do many still don’t want to hear Your voice? Your will shall be done, nobody can prevent it, unless the person refuses to obey You.

Your work in Elizabeth was rejuvenation; therefore, You have the power to give children to other women, even if they are past the age of birthing. Your lips never lie, and Your power never fails. You are perfect! 

Fulfill that which You have in store for my readers. Every servant of Yours is able to fulfill Your purposes. When You work, even nature cooperates with You. Carry out Your good plan in our lives!


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