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Now the time that David dwelt in the country of the Philistines was one full year and four months.  1 Samuel 27.7

No matter where God will send you to; stay there until you are given a new order. But nothing should delay the beginning of the work entrusted to it. During the mission, those who look back will become a salt statue, as happened with Lot’s wife (Gen. 19.15). May we be firm in keeping the word sent to us. God is the Lord, and by mercy we are His servants.

Escaping God’s purpose will complicate your situation, just as Jonas did. Turning his back on God, the prophet had a succession of falls. First he went down to Joppa; then to the dock where he bought a ticket. Then to the ship; then to the hold of the vessel and finally to the bottom of the sea. Why not stop these failures and return to fulfill your calling?

The present century has countless attractive doors to divert the senseless. This does not mean that they will indulge in prostitution. However, prostitution or leaving the work represent the same thing. Whoever deludes himself with the devil will never prove the Lord’s planned success. If David had returned to take care of his father’s sheep, what would he be?

Mary’s decision – to accept the Lord’s plan for the coming of the Redeemer – was high risk. Because she was not yet married, she could have been stoned because of her pregnancy. Often the work that the Lord reveals also brings dangers. Now, only those who love Him can face them, as Abraham and his wife did when they left their land to a place that would be shown to them.

He who steps back has not understood anything about the conditions God places before the person called to a mission that only He knows the end, which will surely be glorious. He who is called to be a disciple of Jesus must deny himself and overcome obstacles (Luke 14: 16-20). Now say, are you willing?

Obey the Almighty and go all the way. If He does not take you from where you are, stay there until the return of Christ, for blessed is that servant whom the Lord, when He comes, will find serving thus (Matt. 24:46). The servant does not have to decide where to serve, for this prerogative belongs to the Lord. At all times, be devoted to the work given you. God keeps His faithful (Ps. 31:23).

Shortly thereafter, the son of Jesse took over the kingdom of Israel. But note that he was first placed as king in Hebron alone, and after seven years the commanders of the Israelite army surrendered to him. David did not shed blood to take power, but waited on Who had anointed him. Do not rush not to sin (Prov. 19: 2).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! The son of Jesse, the man after Your own heart, waited on You to become the one Samuel had anointed many years before. Thus You will also prepare us for a task, even if man does not understand.

Jonah fled; Demas loved the present century, and Judas betrayed it. Each of these suffered for not doing what you said. Many acted this way, some returned, but others destroyed themselves forever. May this never happen to us!

We are grateful for the patience and love with which you have loved us. Biblical examples will guide us on the right path. As for what we will face, Thy is the right to teach us the best. Thank You for Your beautiful love!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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