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The Lord makes poor and makes rich; He brings low and lifts up.  1 Samuel 2.7

In this verse, Ana reveals that God impoverishes and enriches, lowers and exalts, and she did not lie. Whether or not you listen to promises will determine what your life will be like. After all, you are the portrait of what you speak and do. Abraham could have stayed in Ur, but if he did, the fate of millions would have been tragic. How would he answer for those lives? God loved Jonah, sending a fish to swallow him, because otherwise he would be responsible for the loss of 120,000 souls in Nineveh.

Often, it is only when a person goes bankrupt that he or she listens to the Lord. If we ignore the divine will, we cannot answer for someone who is lost. Why take advantage of the financial proposals and miss the best opportunity ever: to give bread to those who have never heard of Christ? Be watchful and pray!

When talking about the fig tree that denied Him fruit, Jesus stated that whatever the man says will be done to him (Mt 21.21, 22). Do not live in the world of deception, where material things surpass eternal ones. It is not always good to own a home if you have received a different direction from the Lord. A life is worth more than all the wealth that is produced in our country, and we are wasting time! Pray!

If we do not pay attention to God, we are mocking Him. So things will not work for us. What we express even without uttering words, including in the heart, is very important; after all, we will receive exactly what we say (Gal 6.7). There is no way to mock the Most High. Sow a lot on the Gospel soil and you will see how your life will be better.

God’s will is known in His Word; then, if you want to hear it, you will eat the good of this land (Is 1:19). Unfortunately, many people ignore the Scriptures and do not know what the divine purpose is. Then, when they pray and find that the desired work has not been done, they say they do not understand the Lord, because, after all, they prayed in faith and nothing happened. Now, faith exists in an obedient heart; in rebels, there is presumption. Believe, and God will be with you!

Nothing escapes the heavenly Father. He fulfills, allows or authorizes what we say to be done and takes responsibility for what has been done. Therefore, God says that he blesses or stops blessing; sends wealth or poverty; humiliates or exalts. Our words move His hand in our favor or against us. Therefore, try to fit into the divine plan, and you will always have the Lord at your side.

Change your life for the better, paying full attention to the Word. Whoever does not want to be blessed will not be forced to do so. However, the person who wants to leave evil will have the strength in the Lord to do so. The good thing is to always live at the feet of Christ. Thus, He will direct you, for you are registered in the palm of His hand (Is 49.16). Why withdraw from the Lord? Love Him and live!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Rewarder! What we have in life came from You by the words and the faith we use in each statement. We learned that it is easy to have You acting in our life, as long as we speak what is good and pleasant to You. Give us the best!

Ana said that You send poverty and wealth, humiliation and exaltation. So, we prefer the good and we ask that you always watch us. May Your goodness be appreciated and confessed by all who believe.

Guide us in Your wisdom. Thus, we will reach wise hearts and be happy with Your work in our lives. We come to You with faith and fear and we pray: do not let us fall into temptation, but deliver us from all evils. Amen!


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