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And the LORD said: “I have surely seen the oppression of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows. Exodus 3:7

What kind of vision does God have of His people today? From what the Church and its members do, we get the impression that the place where the lost go is no longer the lake of fire and brimstone, but a paradisiacal island. Now, is the Lord happy to see people from all over the world going to eternal punishment? If we remain in spiritual lethargy, we will be responsible for those who will be lost forever.

When the Lord looks at one of us, who claims to be saved, what does He see? It is time to watch with Jesus, because the end of all things draws near. Will those who have done nothing to prevent the loss of souls being destined for the fiery lake continue to walk to Heaven? Church, wake up, because this is not in the Bible! We have to act in such a way that people give up sin; otherwise, we will be condemned for the sin of omission (Ezekiel 33:7,8).

The Most High sees when we are in inertia and also sees what is going on in our heart. What is the goal of your life: to preach the Truth to every creature or to possess more goods and live quietly, as if everything in the world was not heading to a tragic end? Has the cry of the lost for salvation failed to reach the ears of the Lord? Watch and pray that you don’t get lost!

The Father was in a hurry to end Israel’s humiliation in the land of Ham (Psalm 105.23). Seeing Moses interested in the burning bush, God began to show the purpose for which He was speaking to Amram’s son, who was not killed by this servant’s faith, for he ignored Pharaoh’s decree (Exodus 6:20). Jochebed had become her son’s wet nurse and certainly taught him who he was and what the Lord would do for His people (Exodus 2:1-10).

If you fear God and know a little bit of the Bible, you know that it is our obligation to take the message of the cross to the most distant places, so that the inhabitants of those places can believe and be born again. Without being born again, no one will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing is more appreciated in you than your concern for the lost. That is the way someone felt from the Lord to convey us the message about God’s love.

Demons are the officials of the kingdom of hate. They bring diabolical oppression to the four corners of the planet, causing many to prostitute themselves, rob and kill their fellow man, and speak out against the Creator. Sin entered the Earth through Adam’s mistake, who allowed the devil to enslave the humanity yet to be born. Don’t you care about those who suffer among us? Pray, believe and do what the Father wants!

God knew our pains and placed them on His Son on the cross, so that Satan would no longer make us slaves (Isaiah 53:4,5). However, if we do not bring the knowledge of divine justice to those who live in darkness, evil will continue to destroy them. On the other hand, if we offer ourselves to the Most High to do something for these lives, He will clothe us with His power!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, who sees our affliction! You are truly our Father, for taking us out of the devil's hands. You sent Jesus to save us. In Jesus, all are delivered from condemnation, but few want to preach the Gospel!

Help us to do our best, for when You gave Your Son, You gave Your best, so what we have to do for the lost is not our best- but Yours. May we not have peace in our heart until we fill the world with Your message of forgiveness and salvation!

Let the struggles come, for clothed in Your power, we can undo the wickedness of Hell. God, lead us to walk everywhere to do good, as Christ did. The best is to produce joy in You!


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