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For the LORD will not cast off His people, nor will He forsake His inheritance. Psalm 94.14

David declared that the rod and staff of the Lord sustained him (Psalm 23.4). If we literally had these two instruments of correction and protection over our lives, we would also freed from evil onslaughts. The rod was an instrument of discipline, to fear God and not act wrong (Psalm 89.32). The staff, on the other hand, represented the defense and help to be given to the rebellious sheep that tried to stray from the group and take other paths.

Anyone who has been rebuked by the Lord can consider himself blessed. If we are not rebuked when we go off course in life, we will have to face the Final Judgment, and it will be painful. When we are exhorted by the Most High, sometimes we are saddened, but after reflecting on the mistakes we were about to make, tears of joy and gratitude come to our eyes, because God has not forsaken us (Hebrews 12.4-11).

The Father does not reject us, even if our actions are the worst. All we have to do is confess them and beseech for a chance to start over. The gracious God will lift us up and will guide us in the paths of righteousness. The Lord teaches us His Law, so that the rest promised in the evil days may reach us (Psalm 23.1-3). There is always peace and forgiveness in the Lord! 

As a part of the holy people, man has much to gain, because the good hand of the Lord will be upon him every day, protecting, inspiring and guarding him. Someday the pit for the wicked will be opened, and those who do not allow themselves to be taught by God will march toward eternal punishment. By accepting the Almighty’s corrections, we will avoid this ruin (Psalm 94.13). Consecrate yourself to God and see how wonderful He is!

It is important for a person to be bound to God by obedience to His Word and respect for Him – then they will be led in triumph. However, if one becomes rebellious and refuses to confess his error, he will knowingly take the first step toward endless punishment. However, before that day comes, he will experience the oppression of the enemy in his life. Believe: the Lord is peace!

Do not arise against the discipline of the Most High, but be instructed by the Creator. God is so wise that from nothing He created the laws that govern the universe, putting each planet in its fixed place, revolving around itself, without the need for power plants to supply the energy for its movements. Why, then, not learn from such a Being – our dear Father?

God will not reject you if you recognize that you need to change everything: thoughts and actions. He will take care of the help you need, and soon you will be full of joy for having been accepted as a child of God. He will not cast off His people, nor will He forsake His inheritance.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our adoption! There are no words to describe the joy of being accepted as Your children, adopted as such through Jesus, our elder Brother. Thank You for this unique work!

You will not reject us; after all, we are Your people and we will be with You in Your eternal home. What love and peace we feel! When the struggle here is over, we will be welcomed into Heaven!

We are Your inheritance. You gave Your Son to save mankind. With the blood shed at Calvary, He bought the multitudes who accepted Him. No one will prevent Your dream from being fulfilled on the Great Day - when we will live in Your Kingdom!


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