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01/05/2019 - GOD´S PERSONAL WORK

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The Lord your God Himself crosses over before you; He will destroy these nations from before you, and you shall dispossess them. Joshua himself crosses over before you, just as the Lord has said. Deuteronomy 31:3

Jesus was precise when He said:  Yet I do not receive testimony from man, (John 5:34); I do not receive honor from men (John 5:41). Therefore, He will certainly refuse any help offered to Him. Actually. the help that men thinks of offering will hinder His action; because, after all, He is God and perfect in all matters. Let Him do everything, for you only have to believe. Follow the divine guidelines and be victorious in your battles!

It doesn´t matter how long you have to spend at the Lord’s feet in order to learn how to proceed in His work. It is important to obey His commands, without giving the devil a chance to accuse you of having used anything that comes from him. Therefore, sins should not exist in your life. Then, you will walk with your head held high during your earthly days and then, you will ascend with Him to Heaven!

Moses told Israel that the Lord would cross over before him. This means that the people should follow the instructions of the Most High as they walked; doing what was pleasing to God. No one who militates in faith can get involved in the affairs of this life. Your attention must be on the Most High´s plan, walking steadily until you reach the place designated by Him, without getting involved with any error.

God Himself would destroy the nations that were condemned to disappear for the transgressions they committed, so that the Israelites would take hold of the Promised Land. He will do the same with the demons that keep you from receiving all that the Lord has promised you. Great are the works of God in our behalf; and we must walk in them. Don´t disqualify yourself for eternal life!

The Israelites should take possession of Canaan, just like we must take hold of the Promised Land, serving God wholeheartedly without wasting any blessing. The mission of those that are saved is to know the Father’s purpose and to take possession of all that the Scriptures declare that belong to them. The Lord would be their Commander, just as the Holy Spirit will guide us in any situation. Therefore, be sensitive to God’s Word and obey Him!

The people of Israel would have Joshua as their leader. Today, the Holy Spirit is our Guide. He teaches us how to behave. His instructions were given to us in the Scriptures. If you need guidance, just meditate on them. Then God will show you how to carry out the work. Be firm in what He shows you and understand that it is simple to live in victory. The faithful servant will never be defeated or confused.

Everything will happen as the Lord has said, without lacking any of His promises. Nothing can defeat us, as long as we fulfill what He has determined with clean hands – without using the teachings of men. March until the final victory!!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Teacher! We cannot go forward or go to war against darkness if You are not leading us. With Your help, we can fight against all evil, because we will certainly win.

If You are our Commander, the doors will be opened, and the enemy will bow before Your power. Then, we will be more than conquerors. No problem will resist us, because You will destroy it completely.

We will possess the blessings prepared for us. Thus, the strongholds of the enemy will be destroyed, his power will be defeated, and You will be glorified with our triumph. Jesus will go before us. Help us, my dear Lord!


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