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Only fear the LORD, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24

Samuel looked back in retrospect over the time that God was the King of Israel, and reminded the people how they were secure and happy under His hand.  When the passion – political, religious or sentimental – dominates someone, it is very difficult to dissuade them from their intention.  The people of Israel were dying to have a government like that of the other nations and asked the Lord for a leader, and since then they were ruled by a monarch.

Such an idea did not come from God, for it was not good.  Now, from the Almighty only good things can come.  No matter the origin from which something apparently useful to you comes to you, do not trust it, for as the world says: “There is no free lunch!” This proverb is not valid for anyone that belongs to God, but still, we are always surprised with the bad intentions that come from people not mature in the faith.

Having been answered in a request, all must bow to the authorities and certainly would have kings that were not at all servants of the Most High, and would lead many to sin.  Some even called on the name of the Lord, saying that He would not permit anything that was harmful, but in fact they did.  We must always surrender to divine will; therefore, in any decision, never accept that which contradicts the Bible.

Goodness fill God’s decisions; this way, even having asked for something which is not His will, the people heard from the Lord the promise of relief, if only they would fear Him.  In truth, to fear – which means to respect the Almighty always – is the best choice.  However, unfortunately, there are brothers that show no sound judgment, acting as if they had never heard the Truth.  That they may be served notice because those that sin will be surprised for the worse on Judgment Day. 

They must also know that they should serve the Lord faithfully, with all their heart.  Whoever is divided within does not serve Him in fact.  The Omnipotent does not accept being just another one in anybody’s life.  Those who respect the dogmas of any religion and bow to the orders of men, in their ideas of what is or is not a sin, have expelled God from their life.  These people will find themselves very much alone, no matter how much they seek forgiveness.

They should remember the wonderful works of the Father in their favor, especially when there was no possibility of deliverance.  This would give them faith to call to Him and be freed from difficult circumstances. If Israel had not been aided by the Lord when the Midianites attacked, they would never have been delivered.  Same is true for the Philistines occupation for 80 years.  God is everything we need to lead a blessed life!

If those people had been favored when they prayed due to a bad judge that ruled and governed them, they, now believed that they would be heard if some king had strayed from the Truth.  Certainly they would learn how bad it is to turn against the Lord and trust in man.  Don’t exchange the Word for anything!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God of Israel! The formula for obtaining Your favor, which you gave Samuel to deliver to the Israelites, was to fear You.  They didn’t have to create or invent strange cults as the pagan did, who burned baby children to obtain good harvests.  The blessings were free!

They should also serve You faithfully, with all their heart.  To this day, this is Your direction.  But if our interior is loaded with sin, You can’t do anything for those who cry out to Your face.  However, where there is good will and faith, You operate powerfully and unlimitedly.

You want to do for Your servants who love You what you did for Israel in the past.  You will do great works for those who seek Your presence, bow to Your will and respect Your instructions.  We love You and plea for Your Mercies. Amen!


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