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19/01/2018 - GREW TOO MUCH

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Now the land was not able to support them, that they might dwell together, for their possessions were so great that they could not dwell together. Genesis 13:6

Having no father, Lot was adopted by his uncle Abraham.  The nephew was very fortunate to be accepted by the patriarch, who had the calling and the blessings of the Lord. It would do Lot good to be next to someone considered as a friend of God (James 2:23).   Abraham grew and multiplied in everything: he communed with God, prospered and was protected by Him. So Lot had a good example and could also become a blessing, but he was not complete in his fear of God.

The signs that show someone belongs to the Lord can be seen in the choices made, for by and through them, they show respect for the divine sovereignty.  Lot followed Abraham in to the mishap in Egypt, when his uncle almost lost his wife and saw that to fear God is one of the most important things in life (Genesis 12:10-20).  He knew very well how Abraham lived among men and before the Lord.

Besides, he was at his uncle’s side as they journeyed through Canaan. Abraham was very prosperous, and Lot, following in his uncle’s footsteps, also prospered.  No doubt, the counsel and advice he received from his father’s brother helped him plenty.  However, the land was insufficient to accommodate both.  Consequently, Lot’s shepherds started to contend with the patriarch’s, and the nephew did nothing to bring about the understanding that the uncle’s rights had priority (Genesis 13:6-8).

They were in a land where the Canaanites and other tribes lived and did not fear the Lord.  In light of this, Lot and his shepherds should be careful not to imitate the habits and attitudes of those people. However, they did not behave accordingly, and in order that there be no trouble, the uncle called Lot and proposed that they part ways.  Then and there, the nephew should have rebuked his shepherds and gone into prayer seeking the direction of the Most High

Humbly, Abraham said there should be no dispute among them and Lot would have the first choice of which side he would want.  If he chose the left, Abraham would take the right, but if Lot chose the right, then Abraham would choose the left.  Since he did not pray, Lot saw what the devil showed him, and seeing the green and well watered fields of Sodom, good soil for planting and reaping, his greed took the upper hand, and so he went in that direction with all his people and possessions.

Watch out for what can happen in the future with you, because the Lord’s blessings can make one rich and certainly you will greatly improve.  However, if the fear of the Lord is not truly in your heart, you will chose by natural man’s vision and this will certainly be a snare in your life.  God Himself will prove you, and without respect for God’s sovereignty, you can be another who will not flourish.

Lot went into Sodom wealthy and rich and grew even richer; however he left there with the clothes on his body and two daughters that led him to practice incest.  He tried to be righteous but he was unable to take anyone away from a sinful life. Watch out, because only the fear of God can stop you from wrong choices.  If led by your heart you will make the worst choices.  Beware!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God!  Our spiritual vision is near sighted, almost blind, and due to this Your help is more than welcome and needed! We can’t be supported like someone who has Your calling, but later, we allow greed to overtake us and be responsible for those who will be lost.

With no fear of You, we can’t count on Your anointing upon our lives.  Even though we may accumulate material goods, this will be worthless, for when Your fire falls from Heaven – that which is not good matter – without Your anointing – will be extinguished.  Mercy!

Give us respect for You, the just reward for serving You, because we do not want to leave Your presence or to act against Your precepts.  Everyone who lived in Sodom and surrounding cities should have learned to fear You, but Lot did fall short.  Help us!


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