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Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men. Romans 12:17

We were not saved to sit idly by, complaining about society, the government and other people, but to do the will of He who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light (1 Pet. 2.9). Our testimony counts for more than we think, because many people will decide to live with Jesus through it and, as a consequence, will avoid eternal torment. If we live according to the divine will, we will not be accused of making mistakes.

It is wrong to see the lost destroy themselves in sin without helping them. They will only meet the Lord if we let our light shine. Even worse is to be held responsible for their eternal destruction. When God’s love reached us, it made us similar to the Savior, so it is not good to mix with those of the world in complaints and foolish attitudes.

When someone harms you, check the Bible for the answer given by our brothers in the past in similar situations. Now, the same demon that tempts us today also tempted them. With that, when we see the wisdom that the Father gave them, we can act correctly, never paying evil for evil. We need to be an example of someone who really walks with God. From us people always expect good deeds!

Our greatest example is Jesus, who, being beaten and mistreated in every way, did not open his mouth to condemn. When the Romans nailed Him to the cross, the Savior asked the Father to forgive them. Christ did not use curse words, but liberating ones. Whoever is used to mistreat you will continue to do so, until you surround him with divine love.

Joseph of Egypt would not have been so successful if he had let bitterness enter his heart. The actions of his brothers towards him were a terrible thing; however, because he trusted God as his Protector, Joseph began to serve Potiphar, who had bought him in the slave’s quarters, as if he were serving the Lord. Before long, Pharaoh’s officer realized that something inhabited him would help him a lot and made him his butler. The Lord worked in Joseph.

Paul never cursed anyone who whipped him with rods and forbade him to preach the Good News in many cities, but he continued to serve the Lord steadfastly. For him, to die is gain (Phil 1:21) and to live is Christ. The apostle knew how to look for honest things before men, to be used by Who is honesty itself. What pleased the Almighty was also pleasing to Paul.

On one occasion, the Jews accused him in such a way that he appealed to Caesar, for being a Roman citizen. God wanted someone prepared to bear witness in the capital of the Roman Empire. Even though the shipwreck occurred, he did not stop preaching the Gospel on the island of Malta, leading everyone to be healed and to seek God. Glories to the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of honesty! It is good to serve You, not letting hatred and other filthy things flood our hearts. You see everything and know the traps set against our lives, so we serve You with joy.

Like Joseph of Egypt, we will be called your servants even by those who hate us. Man's hatred will never erase the love we have for You. You will separate us by Your love. We live to please You.

It gives us the conditions to never pay for evil with evil, but to seek the good things among men, giving them the message. May the world declare that it has seen Your love in us; thus, we will cover the liar's mouth. Thank you for loving us!


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