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So the leaders of Israel and the king humbled themselves; and they said, “The Lord is righteous.” 2 Chronicles 12:6

Man may have gone too far in his rebellion against the Lord, but if he repents and humbles himself before Him, who is quick to pardon, man will be pardoned and restituted in his losses.  In God, there is no feeling of vengeance or malice against us, for He knows our structure and our weaknesses.  Therefore, set yourself right with Him and live victoriously and joyfully.

As you truly submit yourself to God, He changes your sentence, and you return to live in His presence.  Therefore, surrender to Him who is the only Lord over all things. People who leave the presence of the Father, sin and are left to scrounge for the crumbs.  Alas, as they enter the life of a person, the devil – the thief – steals this person’s morale, self-esteem, decency and joy of living.  

In case you feel bound to your errors, the Almighty promises to give you an escape; all you have to do is place your trust and confidence in Him.  So that this can happen, read the Bible more, confident that He will change your life for the better in little time, undoing any and all physical or moral consequences.  The transformation worked by Him is total and irreversible.  Believe!

The All-Powerful diverts His wrath from your life or that of your family.  This way, His will can be carried out with wisdom.  The Lord will forgive you if you address yourself to Him, confess your faults and seek His mercy.  Having prayed in sincerity, stand up before Him and face your enemies, proving that now you are in fact and by right a new being.

In Rehoboam´s and Judah´s case, the Lord left them as servants to Shishak, king of Egypt – symbol of iniquity. Thence they would learn to obey God.  Many times, the Almighty allows that those that have strayed from the faith remain in the hands of the enemy during some time so as not to sin any more.  The sinner perceives his foolishness; however, if he does not learn from his mistakes, he may be tempted to failure again.  The heavenly Father is just!

Submission to God cannot be compared to servitude to the devil.  The Lord sees us as servants but allows us the freedom to love Him.  On the other hand the devil, if we are susceptible, will enter without asking and provoke tremendous damage in our life, for his mission is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10.10a); so chose to serve only Him who does wonders (Psalm 136:4). Jesus declared: No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing (John 15:15a). Halleluiah!

The servants of the Lord mentioned in the Bible never suffered hunger or shame.  Because they were faithful and obedient to Him, they were received into Glory where they will remain forever. However the servants of sin are in great agony and suffering and will remain in the lake of fire and sulfur (Revelations 21:8).  The question now is: does it pay to do evil?

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our God! We cannot attribute to You the bad things that happen, because they are the fruit of wrong choices.  Help us! We never want to offend You or leave Your presence.

We hear many voices calling us but we only want to listen to Yours that we know and recognize.  You are the true Shepherd, and we are satisfied to be under Your shelter, fulfilling Your good purpose.  We reject any offer from the adversary!

Today we reaffirm our commitment to You. We are Yours, we are in You and nothing will separate us from Your marvelous love.  In the end when everything is over, Your Son will invite us to the Kingdom prepared for us since the very beginning!


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