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And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him. Hebrews 5: 9

The previous verse says that Jesus, though He was a Son, learned obedience by the things which he suffered, was perfected, and thereby became the author of eternal salvation. If we, while being saved, do not learn by submission to God, we will not be able to fulfill the divine plan. Then our work in the Lord will be futile, our prayers will no longer be answered and we will embitter a sad end to life.

As we follow the touches of the Holy Spirit concerning the great cry that we must make to get rid of the evil works, not get dirty with sins and do something for our God, we will sow the good seed for the future. The Most High still has many things to teach us, but if at this very moment we cannot hear about them, we must proceed to the fulfillment of the sovereign divine plan for us.

Pay attention: salvation is for those who obey the Lord; thus, the rebels will not participate in it now – failing to enjoy healing, sanctification, prosperity and other blessings – nor in the future, when they will discover that they have never been and will never be known by the Lord. Woe to those who judge us fools because we do not yield to temptations, because that which he enjoys of now will be his eternal loss.

It is easy to submit to God: rejecting the devil’s proposals. Now, disobeying the Lord is also easy: paying attention to Satan. Reject all that comes from the devil, and do not lend your ears to him. Otherwise, your mind will think of the filthiness offered by him. The evil one is so cunning that he will show you what is not good, trying to make you love disgusting habits, and you will not have the Lord working for you. Mercy!

It is wonderful to be enrolled in the “school” of the Holy Spirit, because at any moment He comes to teach us. At the slightest movement of the devil in our direction, the Most High shows us how to escape. Therefore, when the enemy tries to attack you, pray without disconnecting from the Lord. A good remedy is to remember what the Bible says about sin and its consequences. Then, you will make the best choice. Whoever gets carried away by the tempter will always lose a lot.

Our improvement will continue as long as we are in the world. This is necessary to keep us in the presence of God. With each victory conquered, you come closer to the heavenly Father, moving away from the lies of the devil. Satan deceived Eve because she listened to him. Being pernicious, the devil will try to hold your attention in order to contaminate you. Resist him (James 4: 7)!

Today, your attitudes are the cause of what you will be tomorrow. At each step of obedience, you are perfected on the Path to become a blessing to yourself and to others. The world would be so different if God’s children allowed Him to transform them in His own image. This must be the goal of our life. This way, we will never fall.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We would like to become in Your image and likeness to live differently and do the work so as to please You. We admire You for Your love and Your consideration for us. Thank You!

We want to be perfected by You because You are perfect and unique. Thus, we pray for Your help. We must reject the lies of the enemy in order not to be corrupted. Sanctify us in the Truth. Thank You!

We want to take part in Your salvation today and for all eternity. If this does not happen, we will no longer be known by You now and in future times. Teach us to love, respect and serve You as saints in Christ Jesus. Amen!


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