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17/05/2019 - HE CAME TO THEM

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Then He saw them straining at rowing, for the wind was against them. Now about the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea, and would have passed them by.  Mark 6:48

From the top of the hill Jesus prayed to the Lord. In His continual fellowship with the Father, He saw all that was happening to mankind. At that moment, He was preparing himself to minister more blessings to men, for that was His mission. Likewise, we must be one with God. In these moments with the Most High, we must correct the details of our lives in order to be able to bless other people. 

Christ saw that His disciples were struggling to row, for the wind was blowing against them. Consequently, they could not advance toward Bethsaida. Whoever stops in the same place or retreats must use the Name of Jesus in order to win. Since they continued having trouble, the Master went to meet them. We do not know if they entered the boat reluctantly, if they murmured, but Jesus forced them in. Something prevented them from fulfilling the order they had received. See what you have been doing!

In no time they had reached the middle of the sea, but things got tough after that. After more than nine hours, they advanced practically nothing.  Of course, they asked the Lord for help. As long as you do not pray or open your heart to God, making things right according to what He has told you, the help of the Heavens will not come. Any sin, even if you consider it small, covers the face of God (Isaiah 59:2).

Why did it take so long for Jesus to help them? It is interesting to note that His desire was to go ahead, perhaps to remind them that this is His position. Oftentimes we ignore such fact, and even though we know it is God’s work and that He rejects human glory, we often make decisions without realizing that they may have been influenced by the evil one. Talk to the Lord about everything!

What matters is that Jesus approached the disciples, which He will always do regarding us. Because He is kind, the Lord will seize every opportunity to teach us to walk in the right path. He will rescue you, as long as you ask for His guidance. When the person thinks they are omniscient and omnipotent, they will surely face problems. The wind that was blowing against them was no obstacle for Jesus to walk on the sea!

How long have you had an encounter with God? Have you opened your heart and confessed your sins to Him, or have you enjoyed being tempted? This is the best time to return to the Father with prayers, fasting, and contrition. It is not only you who is suffering. The Lord also suffers because of your evil deeds. He asks you, “How long will I be with you and bear with you? (Luke 9:41c). How about praying now?

The Most High is giving you the chance to start over and be freed from countless bad things that have kept you from occupying your position of salvation. Give Him the chance to change you and experience how real and true the Word of God is. God trully loves you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! You saw Ishmael dying in the wilderness, and Hagar called you the “God who sees”, according to Genesis 16:13. Your eyes still contemplate everything today. So we come before You to ask for help. Examine and help us, for we want to change!

The wind has blown against us, taking us out of the way of obedience. Thus, nothing good has happened to us. Come to meet us and pass on before us, for we want to learn Your precious lessons.

Without You, we cannot row, but You can walk, because the wind does not disturb You. If you come to us and get on our boat, the wind will cease. You are our God! The contrary wind is bound, and so we will advance. Amen!


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