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21/05/2020 - HE HAD HELP FROM NO ONE

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The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.”.   John 5.7

The man answered correctly: he had no help from anyone. In fact, his problem was beyond the ability of the most capable man in medicine. There are situations when we don’t have the help of people, and as much as we expect an angel to shake the waters, it never comes. Now it was 38 years of waiting and suffering by the pool, and there was no one to reach out to make it fall into the water. But before him was the Solution.

The lost are not guaranteed to be free from their evils, no matter how hard they strive in the material and spiritual areas, because they do not believe in the Savior. With this, they are not met. Only the Lord is mighty over evil hosts. Therefore, we must preach that Jesus is the Solution. Sad to recognize that many will not believe and will be lost. We have to talk to them!

In His days in the world Christ came close to the needy – from the paralytic mentioned in John 5 to the demonized Gadaren mentioned in Mark 5. In addition, Jesus stood by Jacob’s well, waiting for the Samaritan woman, who did not live according to the Scriptures. . He wants to do the same for sufferers today. For this we need to be an instrument in His hands. If we know this, and do nothing, we sin (James 4:17).

It is unnecessary to wait for the blessing, because Jesus taught us to take possession of what belongs to us by determining in His Name. The promises have been fulfilled since the day the Lord cried out: It is finished (John 19:30). From then on, when you discover a Bible passage and feel it has been sent to you, you must claim it in faith and then consider it yours. After praying, believe and receive the determined blessing.

Whoever is in communion with God knows how to assume his own in the Scriptures. In so doing, you must be connected with the Lord and, in the Name of Jesus, command victory. After that, consider the work done and give thanks to the Father. By letting only faith enter your heart, what you command will be done to you by the Redeemer himself! Hallelujah!

This is how Peter acted in the house of Aeneas (Acts 9: 34b), and when he saw him bedridden and paralyzed, he said, Aeneas, Jesus Christ gives you health; get up and make your bed. This word is valid for all of us, for He paid the price of our healing. Church doctrine teaches that you must be obedient and resigned to luck. According to this thinking, some people cannot be restored. This is to agree with the enemy, who at all costs wishes to reverse his salvation.

Never mumble! Obey God if you want to be victorious, and take your place in Christ by taking possession of the gifts He has earned. Thank the Lord for letting you see what you need to do to be healed. God’s part is over; yours starts now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, the Help of the needy! It is good to believe what Your Word says about our position in You and other things. We were made in Thy righteousness in Christ, and we no longer have the feeling of unworthiness.

The world must know this truth, but, unfortunately, the bad news has prevailed, and the golden calves have occupied the worship of Your people, who should give Thee true praise. Why don't so many want to know your holy will?

Those who in this message have learned a little about how they should act need to live the way you desire. Thus, we will see glory given to Thee everywhere. It is good to know the Truth and be set free by it. Thank you for your love and power!


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