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02/08/2019 - HE SEES ALL OUR STEPS

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“For His eyes are on the ways of man, And He sees all his steps. Job 34:21

The Most High pays attention to every event in everybody´s life, He looks at their steps, decision and their heart. Nobody can fool Him, for not only is He perfect, His eyes see everything exactly as they are. Nothing escapes His eyes; He sees what men can´t see. 

The heavenly Father cares for His children. Therefore, to touch one of His anointed ones is like touching the apple of His eyes (Zechariah 2:8). His delight is to see us overcoming temptations and acting like children of the light. When a Christian´s faith goes cold, the Lord draws near that heart, so that it might warm up their faith again and be truly victorious. The devil can do no harm to God´s children, unless they are in sin. The Most High is faithful! 

When some are driven by vanity, they lose alot; however, when they humble themselves, the Lord blesses them, for they become His delight. Man cannot be proud of what he hasn’t done or of what he isn’t. Only divine mercy can lift us up and keeps us prepared to win all adverse situations. If we are not humble, we won’t stand before God. 

Every good work will be rewarded by the Most High. If we pass the test with a good grade (let´s always get A´s!), He will give us a new and bigger mission to those who submit to Him. The works in favor of the Church on Earth and then, in the world to come, has a high value to all those called according to divine will. Therefore, remain faithful!

According to the devil´s plans, many people will be so self confident to the point of serving the enemy and despising other people, thinking they are better. It´s sad to see this in the lives of many people that are saved, washed in the blood of the Lamb, and therefore, prepared to live next to the Savior. Those who deviate from the ways of the Lord will taste how wicked the devil is. God is good! 

He who lives in the flesh and draws away from the Good path will not be blessed. So, why change the Fountain of blessing for the devil´s offers, who never speaks the truth? Those who don´t do good despise their own life and are far from Jesus. Believe: those called by the Most High will never be ashamed, but those who walk towards the wide gate need to be delivered urgently. God loves us! 

Think clearly and answer: is it worth losing heavenly reward? Why let the devil use your life, and not allow the Lord of the Heavens and Earth to use you? Your answer counts a lot before God, for those who don´t serve Him serve the wicked one. There are two doors by which we choose we will spend eternity. The wide door leads to perdition; the narrow door, to Heaven. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! You see the steps of each person, so tell us if there is something wrong in our choices. If so, then we are certainly not well with You, and our fate will be of shame and suffering. Mercy! 

We can´t and we don´t want to fool You, but walk under Your guidance. Since everything is so clear before Your eyes, we place our lives in Your hands and ask us that You guide us to Glory! 

Set Your gaze on us, we don´t want to be deceived by the enemy. Nothing will remove us from Your faithful arms of love. We must follow Your plans and receive Your protection!


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