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My eyes are ever toward the Lord; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net. Psalm 25:15

Like a carefree Bird, that flies with no worry as he seeks his food and falls into a net, many people have been trapped in Satan’s schemes by surprise.  There is nothing worse for a son or daughter of God, than to be snared in the web of the devil, because he loses touch with his communion and help from God.  Strengthen yourself in Jesus’ warnings, keeping vigil and praying, and be free.

God promises to remove your feet from the net, so that the devil’s plan does not succeed in your life.  All the evil that has overcome your life has only one objective: Satan wants to kill your hopes and dreams of being a person of goodness and fulfilled in your faith in Christ. He wants to steal your happiness and destroy you.  Jesus promises that there is abundant life for all those who believe in Him.

It is necessary to believe in this word, which touched David’s heart.  He, by order of the Holy Spirit, recorded this word, so that three thousand years later, we would know them and be delivered from evil.  If you have fallen into the enemy’s snare, God has the solution to remove you from the devil’s clutches. Confess to the Lord your sin and ask for His forgiveness, which will be granted.  Pray now and be delivered.

Remember God’s promises, and you will see how faithful and powerful He is to rescue those who trust in Him.  Don’t steer your sight away from what God has promised to do for those who seek Him.  It is true that the divine hand will never shirk from helping, and He will always in faithfulness honor His promises.  Cry out now, open your heart and assume that what you asked for as if you have already received it. 

Trusting in the Almighty is more than a declaration; it is a state of spirit where you are fearless and brave to go where He leads you, according to the Scriptures.  God and His word are one and the same. For this reason, although you feel that there is no way to be forgiven and delivered, simply believe in Him.  The Lord is faithful in holding true to His Word for those who believe in Him.  The blessing is yours!

Therefore, believe in the promises and claim them, for they belong to you.  You will verify that it is to your advantage to fear God, respect His will, avoiding sin and doing good.  Walking with the Lord makes the path easier.  He is good to all, mainly to those who place their faith in His Word.

God promised to remove your feet from the net that binds and he will do it.  He is Omnipotent, and to make you happy, He will brook no measure.  The Lord does not need you to offer Him anything, just that you love Him.  This you will do when you seek His assistance.  God is marvelous, is He not?

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Deliverer God! What assurance Your promise brings to our soul, for there is no way the enemy can keep us shackled. He will not be able to take us to perdition because You will remove our feet from the net.

It is important that we maintain our eyes on You, so we pray.  In You there is abundance for us. Come deliver our souls from the prisons that the enemy uses to hold us captive.  We believe in You, powerful God.

We trust in Your promise, and because of this we keep a smile on our face, a shine in our eyes, and the certainty in our hearts that we will never be ashamed.  You are everything that we have and all that we are. Receive and accept our gratitude.  We love You!


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