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24/10/2021 - HEAD OF THE NATIONS

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You have also delivered me from the strivings of my people; You have kept me as the head of the nations. A people I have not known shall serve me.  2 Samuel 22.44

King David can be considered a type of Christ. Since he assumed the throne of the Lord, reigning in Israel, David did not lose a battle to his enemies. This is also true for the person who is truly converted to Jesus and lives according to God’s Word. The adversary may even surround this person threaten them, but because such person is firm in the faith, she will continue to be protected by the Most High. Such is the faithful Church!

In the house of God, sometimes, some individuals who give ear to the evil one arise. This leads to divisions and new congregations are created-without the approval of the Almighty. He is the one who builds up the church, but those who cause its separation do not pay attention to the fact that by acting in this way they help the devil harm the Body of Christ: A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment (Proverbs 18.1). Don’t be one of them!

David thanked the Lord for having been spared of many struggles. The devil never gives up, even though he knows that he has no chance of returning to his former position – that of defying the Most High. Where there is rivalry, the end will be disastrous. I have never seen a rebel prosper in the work of God. Some languish until they can no longer stand. It is very likely that a division in the house of God is connected with other sins!

The Lord delivers the faithful and the holy from all kinds of trouble, for there is a place prepared for them (Psalm 34.17,19). The weak, on the other hand, let themselves be led by temptation – as Eve did – and soon realize that they have taken the wrong boat, which will sink. Later, at the eternal judgment, they will give an account of all the souls lost because of their bad example (Matthew 18.6). Always be someone who loves the Most High and do not sell yourself to the enemy.

By saying that he was kept for the head of the nations, David was being used as a prophet, and was referring to the Savior, to whom all power in Heaven and on Earth has been given (Matthew 28.18-20). This shows that God has also been keeping us to occupy ourselves with the missions determined by Him. It will be good to withstand the pressures that come upon us; then, we will prove that we have learned the lesson.

The lost ones of all nations could not have known the Messiah, but the Jews could. From the beginning, the fear of the Most High was with those who let themselves be taught by Him, like Enoch, the seventh after Adam – who walked with God and was seen no more, for the Lord took him to Himself (Genesis 5.23,24). The same will happen to us at Jesus’ return. Whoever walks with Him will be taken to remain eternally by His side (1 Thessalonians 4.15-17).

O resultado de tudo isso é que compensa servir a Deus, dedicar-se inteiramente à Sua obra. Então, por certo, no Seu retorno, subiremos para estar ao lado do Salvador continuamente. Somos livres das contendas dos irmãos e guardados para o Dia da Redenção, e servimos ao Todo-Poderoso, como o faremos para sempre!

The result of all this is that it pays to serve God, to devote ourselves entirely to His work. Then, for sure, at His return we will rise to be at the Savior’s side -continuously. We are free from the strife of the brethren, saved for the Day of Redemption, and serve the Almighty – as we shall do forever!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our future! We need not fear what will come upon mankind nor despair at the fulfillment of Your revelations. Our home is in Heaven, where we will live at Your side, for You have defeated the devil and stripped him of his power!

No matter the cowardice of those who live near us and wish to lift their foot to hurt and humiliate us. You will keep us for the mission appointed to those who are faithful to You. When the enemy comes, we will be prepared to rebuke him!

We didn't know You or serve You, but since we heard the Gospel, the certainty that we will be Yours forever has entered our hearts and we will fulfill Your will. Thank You for not abandoning us. You guide us through love!


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