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28/02/2023 - HELP FROM HEAVEN

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They run and prepare themselves through no fault of mine. Awake to help me, and behold!  Psalm 59.4

David appealed to the Lord for help. Through no fault of his own, his enemies were gathering to kill him and consummate the work. It is always good to stand firm in God, without any sin, because, when we pray in faith, we will be immediately heard (Psalm 66.18; Isaiah 59.1,2). Besides having our requests answered, we will be with the Lord in eternity (Matthew 24.37-42). Prepare yourself for this moment!

When crying out for the Lord’s help, the king of Israel knew that he was not “at fault”, but was certain that his plea would be heard. There is nothing worse than praying knowing that your petition will not go through the roof. Therefore, make it a top priority to obtain God’s forgiveness for your failures. Whoever is sincere with God enjoys a privileged position, receiving the expected answer. The Father is merciful!

The strong men who rose up against the king did not attack him physically, but attacked his soul. Now, our soul is the pendulum that guides our life. If we are not well, we will not even have the courage to pray to God. But if we have the testimony of the Most High, we will advance against the armies of demons and overcome them in the Name of Jesus. Get right with the Holy One of Israel now!

David said that the strong gathered against him without there being any transgression or wrongdoing against him, so he pleaded for divine assistance. The Lord will do justice to those who are pure from all sin. So, if a person has done wrong, he must confess and believe that he has been forgiven, for God declares: If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  (1 John 1.9).

Jesus was the arm of God that brought deliverance to the children of Israel. Before He returned to Heaven, He received the suffering of all on Calvary’s cross. Here is the news you need to hear: Christ has replaced you. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer, but believe to be delivered from sickness, pain and iniquity (Isaiah 53.4,5). The time to begin your journey toward complete redemption is now. Christ does save!

We are sent into the world to preach the Gospel – the Good News. Therefore, we must be right with God and man, so that Heaven will endow us with power. After getting right with God, you will feel greater than your oppression, and then, with courage and determination, you will overcome evil. This power is available to you. Pray to God and confess your failures, giving thanks for the work that will make you successful in everything.

The works of the Most High today are not inferior to those of the past. In wars, David was invincible, but he had been threatened by the strong within his kingdom. However, when he appealed to the Almighty, he saw them go away. The same will happen to you. Be reconciled to the Lord and be victorious now and forever!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of good help! We lose battles because we don't use Your anointing, authority, wisdom and other gifts that come upon us to give us victory now and in the future. You are the only Lord!

As You worked in David's days, You also work in our generation. The devil growls in terror, but we will stand firm until the end by trusting in what You have said about us. In Christ we are more than conquerors in and over everything!

Those who went against Your faithful servants suffered defeats they will never forget. The same thing is happening today, so we need Your help and like David, we know that we will be answered. Thank You, Father!


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