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And one cried to another and said: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; The whole earth is full of His glory!” Isaiah 6:3

Holy is the Name of the Lord! This was the exclamation of the seraphim in Isaiah’s vision of the Lord´s throne. We are still not able to fully understand the significance of this threefold statement, but in Heaven we will understand all things, and then we will make the same exclamation of the angels. They said the Earth is full of His glory. So it doesn´t matter where God sends you; He will be waiting for you.

By repeating three times that God is holy, those angelic beings affirmed the Lord of hosts has no trace of evil. He deals with mankind with love, leading them to understand His will. He will never use hatred or other evil with man, even if he is unfaithful. The best is to give God the place of Lord over all our life, because He does not lose any battle.

Before entering into a spiritual process to defeat the forces of evil, see how you have been in the presence of the Most High. When you feel you are not well, confess your mistakes and ask permission to be in fellowship with Him. Then you will receive guidance to win the battle. It´s not good to use the holy Name of the Lord, then lose the battle. No child of God should step back from the position reached with the Father’s help.

To retreat before the adversary is more serious than one thinks. If we are God’s children, no demon will defeat us or make us not believe in the Lord to believe the devil. In Scriptures, there is no place where the Lord has failed to keep His promises. Understand this as a warning: He will never be defeated. That will never happen!

Take action and don´t let the evil one use you to shame the Lord´s Name. This Name will give you victory wherever you use it with faith. Because He is holy, He is immaculate.  Know your rights in Christ; thus, your faith will never be ashamed. Everyone saved needs to believe that they will overcome their struggles! Jesus is our only and sufficient Example, who always had His determinations fulfilled.

When Ephraim turned back in battle (Psalm 78: 9), the Lord saddened. At that time, the Creator had armed him the way He wanted to see him fighting. Likewise, the Most High saddens when we do not trust His Word. Know that, even if the Heavens and Earth pass, the words of God will never pass away (Luke 21:33). Don´t look to the left or to the right; just trust in He who has never failed to keep His promises. Although it seems late, God acts at the right time.

Mary did not fear facing the idle talk, when deciding to please God with her pregnancy, although she was a virgin. Understand: the miracle the Father wants to do in you will glorify Him; therefore, remain steadfast in your faith in the Lord, for the wind and the force of the waves will not be able to drown you. Believe and you will be successful. Halleluiah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Holy, holy, holy Lord!! The exclamation of the seraphim, when Isaiah saw you seated on the throne, is a message to each of Your children. We are not dealing with a being who doesn´t keep His words. You always honor them.

You lead us to understand how much You love us. We want to give You the place of Lord, Commander and Friend closer than a brother. We are so pleased to be Yours. We are grateful for what You are!

Examine us and see what we need to go into battle and receive Your blessings. We invoke Your Name and set out to defeat the evil that tempts us to shame and make us suffer. In the Name of Jesus, we rebuke the devil's works.


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