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With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful; With a blameless man You will show Yourself blameless. Psalm 18:25

Our attitude toward the Word will be like God will have with us. He who despises Him is despised by Him, but He who loves Him is loved by Him. Check your response to the heavenly Father about what is shown you in Scripture. No one is privileged or neglected by the Most High. The person keeping the commandments will have the Lord´s help.

The benign person has good character and only does good, sparing no efforts to help someone abandoned or in trouble. He who is carried away by the devil´s lies acts wrong, because without realizing it he renounces the goodness of God to his life and seeks evil´s help. Woe to this person, but God is faithful!

Nothing is better than living free from the enemy´s attacks. This requires keeping the commandments of the Lord. God will be pleased to be merciful to this person. But the opposite is true: He who does not love to do good loves violence and fills himself with it. I am not speaking of a distant or powerless god, but of the One and True God who is available to anyone who wants to meet Him. He loves us!

Mercifulness is also known as kind hope, through which God looks at the lost and loves them. He does not want the devil to deceive anyone, for He knows the suffering that the person will endure at the hands of this poisonous and evil being. The Most High forgives us and saves us to be good citizens and not instruments in the hands of the wicked king. Which side do you want to be on?

By deciding to be of the Lord, you will soon discover the need to be blameless in your way of life. If you make a mistake, never lie, tell the truth to the Most High. If the offense harmed your neighbor, seek him and make amends. Next, turn to God, make things right with Him, and offer your life on the Altar (Matthew 5: 23-26). Be sincere in everything, and the heavenly Father will support you!

By being sincere, we break down the wall of separation between us and God. Sincerity is one of the divine attributes that unmasks the enemy. He who deceives others turns himself into a son of the king of Hell who only speaks lies. We can do everything right, but if we are not sincere, we will not have the Lord working in us. It is sad, but many do not realize how easy it is to do and prefer to ignore the Most High´s warnings. Mercy!

God will confirm His Word with those who are sincere and will never use fraud. However, when one dresses the cloak of falsehood, God cannot act on his behalf, as He has promised. Therefore, give no reason for the Lord not to give you the blessing that belongs to you by inheritance. He wants to be loyal to you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Lord! You can't compare us to the people who pray and serve other gods. Besides the fact that there is no other god, these beings are nothing more than liars. You are our eternal, only and true God!

You have a good character and like to do good to those who listen to You’re your Word reveals Yourself as our merciful Father, Source of all good, unchanging and perfect. Thank You for making us members of Your family!

If we are merciful, You will be merciful to us as well. Now, the opposite will happen if we do not pay attention to our duty towards people, especially to You. Amen!


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