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24/01/2022 - HOW GOD TREATS YOU

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 If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? Hebrews 12.7

We have been grafted into the true Vine as children of God. This was not a small work done by the Father, but the greatest of all. Now we no longer have to fear evil, but enjoy all the good that comes from Heaven (Matthew 6.10) and walk as children of the Light. Our position before all things is that of joint heirs with Christ (Romans 8.17), but we must learn our rights in order to experience all the blessings of the new birth.

It is not good for us to act like spoiled children who resent when being corrected. We need to be thankful that the Father does not let us do what is worthless (Hebrews 12.9,10). Being accepted into the divine family is something we often don’t pay attention to, but it has a very great weight in the happiness to be experienced here and in eternity. Because we are children, we cannot accept any kind of sin or suffering. Wake up to the Truth!

The love shown to the Lord is not like carnal love, where we hug our parents, for example, and tell them how much we love them, and they get emotional. We express our love for God by keeping His commandments, as Jesus taught (John 14.21; 15.10). As we do so, He will also manifest His love for us by fulfilling the promises and prophecies concerning us. Life with Christ is full of good surprises.

No matter how great is the correction sent by Heaven to make you fear God; if the trial is hard, you will have much to gain by facing it without murmuring (James 1.2-4,12). It is good to be steadfast in the revelation given by the Most High. Believe: Trials are part of our teaching and enable God to continue to guide us on the right path. Keep your faith in Jesus!

If we tell God that we can’t take the ordeal anymore, it means that we can’t stand it, so He won’t treat us as His children. Never rebel against God’s purpose. The worst thing is to no longer be treated as sons. If earthly parents know how to give good things to their children, how much more will the heavenly Father give us good things (Matthew 7.11)!

Always want to be admonished by the One who is perfect, for from Him will come complete correction, which will only do you good. So, submit yourself in everything that comes from on High, and you will see it as proof of true love. To stay away from the good will of the Most High is bad; it is like living expecting to receive alms. God is faithful Fulfiller of all that He promises, and does more than we think or ask (Ephesians 3.20).

As children of God, we are heirs of Christ. All power in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Him. Because we have been seated on the Lord’s beloved Son, we will not experience scarcity, but will be filled with power to take possession of all that the Word guarantees us. That is the right way to serve God. So don’t give up your rights.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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Father, God who made us Your children! What love and goodness You have revealed to us, by giving us Your Son to die in our place. Now, having received Jesus, we can call You Father. Thank You for adopting us as Your children!

If the correction is very strong, it means that Your love for us is even greater. Your will is pleasing, good and perfect, and in it we are protected from the evil one. Nothing is better than to be able to serve You in spirit and in truth. Thank You very much, Lord!

Let us be used by Your Spirit, in order to announce to the world the message of love. Your grace is sufficient for us, but in Jesus' name - use us for the furtherance of Your Kingdom of love and peace. We will serve You and will give Your witness to the lost!


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