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23/09/2020 - HOW LOW DO THE LOST GO

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“How shall I pardon you for this? Your children have forsaken Me And sworn by those that are not gods. When I had fed them to the full, Then they committed adultery And assembled themselves by troops in the harlots’ houses.. Jeremiah 5:7

It must be very bad for someone to believe that the Lord might not forgive them. The nation of Judah would suffer for the wickedness of its children, who had left the Almighty. The premeditated apostasy or the one that happens by chance gives the same result, because whoever leaves God is separated from life and, therefore, is oppressed by the forces of the kingdom of death. Their situation was sad.

As long as the Lord is rebuking and inviting us to return to Him, it is as if He has not yet taken into account our sin. As he is patient, God expects people to get out of error and return to the path of good. However, as the days go by, if man hardens his heart and remains in iniquity, without any desire to repent, he is no longer considered someone who can return to God. So how can you be forgiven if you choose the wrong path?

The inhabitants of Judah have completely corrupted themselves. For them, it was common to invoke evil, because it brought them “satisfactory” results. Now, behind these “good” things, there was the hellish strategy to end them, but they didn’t realize it. Now, the Lord knew that they would be taken to Babylon and served there as slaves.

When swearing by the false gods, they surrendered themselves to the evil spirits who, certainly, would charge for the “favor”. This also occurs today, when people turn to entities in some religious pantheon and suffer the consequences of that choice. Such spiritual beings serve Satan, who is evil in everything and can destroy the life of the seeker.

God honored the promised; after all, their land flowed with milk and honey (Ex 3.8). However, they credited this prosperity to the false gods, despising what had been done to them for centuries. As one mistake calls for another, they gave themselves up to all kinds of evil spirits. Understand: only the Lord should be sought and only in Him should we believe. God is love!

Judah was full of houses of prostitution, which came quickly and were frequented by single or married men, in order to satisfy their lust. This was terrible for the Lord, who had taken the parents of that generation to a land of prosperity and left statutes to be known and honored by all. When man is fascinated by money, he commits the dirtiest sins and, with that, comes the spiritual decline. Soon, they would pay the price.

Perhaps, in the midst of so much promiscuity, those sinners didn’t even think they were wrong. They did not remember the situation of Baal-Peor, in which Moses had to act quickly, otherwise the Moabites would have destroyed them (read Numbers 25).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God! The man has not yet understood that the coming of the error brings hunger, plague and violence. Judah was scheduled to go into captivity, because the people despised You and tried to satisfy the pleasure where the devil was waiting for them. Mercy to the infidels!

You couldn't forgive them, because they didn't want to repent and leave that life. When someone, even forewarned, insists on disobeying Your Word, You cannot act. Our biggest failure is not to heed your warnings.

We plead for Your forgiveness and seek Your face. We confess that we have been acting like those irresponsible of the past. What sets us apart from them is our repentance for the transgressions committed by us.


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