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28/12/2018 - HOW NOT TO BE ASHAMED

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Do not let me be ashamed, O Lord, for I have called upon You; Let the wicked be ashamed; Let them be silent in the grave. Psalm 31:17

To invoke the Lord is one of the strongest acts anyone can commit in the Christian walk.  Done with faith, that person is answered by the Almighty and then sees their problems being solved.  This refers to a prayer of great contrition, which brings the Almighty to the rescue.  It needs not be offered in loud voice, but must be strengthened in what you learned to be your right according to the Word. 

David understood he would never be put to shame if he turned to the Lord. This is why he reminded Him that he had this right.  In truth, all that believe in the Omnipotent do not lose their battles, because the True and Invincible never leaves His saints to be deceived or ashamed.  God honors those who honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30).

The Scriptures declare: For they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me (Isaiah 49:23).  The same thing happened with Abraham when he in faith left the land of Ur in a direction he had never known.  Isaac experienced the fidelity of the Lord, and as he sewed in Shechem he reaped one hundred fold more.  Jacob, after seeing his wages changed ten times, returned to his country in peace, after having struggled with the Most High, who changed Esau’s heart.

Shame is not for holy people, who possess serenity, certainty and Peace, as long as they do not abandon their faith in Christ.  God will always do what the Scriptures declare because He is righteous and faithful with those who serve Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).  This is the true worship to be offered to Him.  Be a genuine worshipper in adoration to the Lord, serving Him with righteousness. 

The wicked and lost are destined to be ashamed because they do not believe in the Creator to believe in the father of lies.  Those who follow the lies of the devil commit the error of collaborating for the weak to be snared by the fallacies of Satan.  If you cannot help somebody, counting on God’s assistance, don´t join the devil to harm that person.

The destiny of the wicked is to be silenced in the tomb, which represents Hell.  There will be no respect or answer to pleas, cries and petition in consideration to no one; after all, the leader of perdition is the greatest criminal of all times.  Anyone who is condemned to eternal suffering fools himself if he believes he has any rights!  Rights are only due to those who serve the Almighty.

The heavenly Father is ready to forgive everyone, for He is bounding in love and kindness to all those who call on His name.  If you are in trouble, don’t allow yourself to be bound by the forces of darkness.  Cry out to God with all your heart and see everything clearly and correctly.  This is the best time to get straight with the Lord.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Deliverer God! We want to say the same words as David, the King of Israel.  The devil lies to lead people away from the Truth.  This way the enemy continues to abuse them.  But if we invoke You, we will be answered!

Thank You for making us know that we will not be ashamed, as we seek You.  They that believe in You must only accept and adopt what is in the Scriptures.  No matter how hard the devil tries to attack us, You will defend us.  To You be the glory!

Look after those that are ashamed, wallowing in the mud of sin, walking under the command of the evil one!  Open their eyes so that this person is not silenced in the grave.  You are wonderful, Lord!


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