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So shall I keep Your law continually, Forever and ever. Psalm 119:44

You have come to know the Gospel, the Good News of what Jesus did for mankind, to deliver yourself from the works of Hell. Once you are aware of this divine plan, glorify the Name of the Lord. He can give you now that which you need, including the healing of an infirmity. The Creator chose you to be free from all suffering! 

The first thing you need to know is: God sent us His mercies. Thus, you are able to come before Him and assume your position in His presence as one who is free. Then, the wicked one no longer can keep in sin, for there is a decree over your life issued by the Lord´s throne, saying you are free from oppression. 

Salvation bought by Jesus upon His death is complete and includes your whole life. With it, you no longer are found in the kingdom of darkness. Now, you must take a stance regarding what God tells you and believe in the fulfillment of His promises. Every time you cry out to the Father, He will answer you. Therefore, consecrate your life and enjoy the abundant life granted by Christ. 

When trusting in the Lord you are able to answer and fight back the demon that torments you and brings you fear. Your past is erased, and a joyful new life is right before you. The moment you heard divine voice, just believe in the Word of God for your life to change. 

On some occasions you will feel that the Word was taken from you, but that is not true, for God does not do that. If man remains with the Word, he will be attacked by evil and destroyed. When you feel you don´t have all the Word you need, go into prayer and confess Him your errors, wait for Him to forgive you and the Word will be opened before you once again. 

Those who keep God´s Law always have His hand working in their favor. Believe: the Lord is good and will never do anything evil to any person, especially to those that belong to His people. If the believer listens to the Almighty and does what is good and pleasing before His eyes, no evil shall befall them. The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth visits us, therefore the devil will not strike us. 

It is good to keep God´s Law continuously; it is the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you do so, you will be successful.   The enemy may even tempt you, but you must rebuke him. Those who are faithful to what the Scriptures say about those who believe in the Lord will live eternally next to Him. To Him be all glory! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Holy and eternal God! When hearing You our heart rejoices and stregthens. Your voice is gentle and powerful at the same time; so we came before You to speak of what we´ve done regarding our position in Christ and to give You thanks! 

Thank You for making us know the Gospel. Now, we enjoy everything You´ve done for us with through the life of Jesus. He died for us to belong to You! Thus, we allow You to work in us and raise us from the ashes, to reign for You! 

Because we have kept Your judgments we are certain nothing will draw us away from Your presence. As we come to know Your promises, we will go further beyond our imagination and then, we will experience Your good work. You are a good Father!


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