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Plans are established by counsel; By wise counsel wage war. Proverbs 20:18

Our mind never stops working. Many times, we think that our thought come from the Lord. Other times, when He is speaking to us, we believe our desire to hear Him speak is what formed our understanding. It is true that God speaks to His sons and guides them, but everything under His Word. Although the Bible was concluded approximately 1900 years ago, every direction from the Lord is inside of it!

We were created as beings that think, with the capacity to find a way out to the problems and opportunities we face, in order to honestly make a living. The Word doesn’t speak to the mind, but to the heart. The understanding of the mind is rational, but the revelation comes from the spirit. Now look: the revelations of God do not collide with the Bible. Any orientation that’s against the Word doesn’t come from the Lord!

The enemy tempts us in our thoughts, and sometimes, we conclude it comes from God. The enemy’s strategy is doubt, making us question the veracity of the Scriptures. People who aren’t saved will fight rationally against the devil; but those who are saved will have the testimony of truth and soon they will realize who’s behind all those evil thoughts and cast them away. Satan is dirty and astute, and his purpose is always to deceive.

The Bible says that every thought is confirmed with counseling, even the ones that are born in us. Without Biblical basis for what you’re dealing with, forget it: the Lord won’t help you in that matter. Everything He needs to speak to human beings is in His book. God knows it all, even what will happen to every single person living on earth, in its minimal details. He is God!

Counsels are declarations the Almighty God made about matters of this life. We just need to look for them and place them before God, so they will be confirmed or denied. With regards to the divine promises, they will be affirmed by Christ, our Lord (2 Corinthians 1:20). There is only one way of knowing if something comes from God: Jesus, the living Word, whom we are connected to (Hebrews 4:13).

When we are attacked by evil, we must face it and fight to overcome it with the Lord’s instructions, because they are prudent. Evil can’t fool us if we follow the Word. With it, the enemy is uncovered, ashamed and overcome. Those who have the Holy Spirit know when something comes from God or not. The Father is faithful!

You don’t have to do anything for the devil to declare war against you. His will is to destroy everyone on earth. The good news is that our battles belong to the Lord, and so we can count on His assistance for as long as necessary. Learn from the One who is meek and humble in heart!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord, our faithful Counselor! Thank You for assuring that every thought will be confirmed with the declarations of Your Word. That way we will never be tricked by the evil one, as long as we have Biblical confirmation on everything!

We want to find the right advice for every revelation that reaches our heart. You are our fountain of wisdom, revelation and help. We can do nothing if You aren’t with us. Our battles will be fought with Your guidance!

We have been enlisted to fight Your battles, on behalf of lives who are lost and don’t know You. If they die, they will go to eternal perdition. Your will to save all is much greater than we imagine. Use us in Your work!


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