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He is the Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice, a God of truth and without injustice; righteous and upright is He.    Deuteronomy 32.4

The foundation of things is the Lord, who created everything from nothing. God is the Origin of our life and our return to fellowship with Him. Everything that the Creator has done, including salvation and the call to be part of the Body of Christ, are perfect works. The revelations of His Word are the best we could ever have, for they bring us back to God and cleanse us from sin (John 15.3).

Not a single vice, no matter how small, can be found in the work of human salvation. Those who have lived in crime will be redeemed in such a way that no stain of their past life will remain. God does the same for people who have fallen and left the life of adultery and prostitution, making them examples to others (2 Corinthians 5.17; 1 Corinthians 6.9-11). God’s work is perfect, so those forgiven by the Lord can rise to the highest positions!

The Most High has His paths and allows us to walk in them. Every revelation that comes from Him is a new path for us to walk in. The way we understand it is how we should go to God in times of crisis. Thus, He will bless us in a great way. Never let doubt hover in your mind; after all, it is one of the deadliest weapons that darkness uses to keep you away from your heavenly Father. Believe what He tells you in the Word!

God would not show anyone a path that is not something that He has carried out. Therefore, everyone can trust in God’s guidance. When the Lord tells you that you have been forgiven (1 John 1.9), believe with all your heart, because the devil will use all means to make you lose your faith. He who doubts God calls Him a liar, so never let your mouth cause your heart to sin. To believe in God is to believe in His Word!

The Lord is the Truth, the pure reality of things (John 14.6; Colossians 1.17). What He says is completely holy. So, stand up as the Word instructs. In God there is much more than you need to claim any prominent position in life. The person called by God will be prepared to be an example of purification by the One without any trace of evil in His composition.

In all the sentences issued by God there is justice, for He will never take away from those who own the truth their right (Psalm 145.17). Therefore, live blamelessly so as not to lose your chance to shine in a dark world, being an example to others (Philippians 2.15). The Father acts with equity, being the greatest example, we have in life. Never give the devil a chance to take you away from God’s presence. In Him you will be fulfilled!

The Almighty is the righteous Judge who never lets Himself be corrupted, whose work is perfect. In Him there is justice for the wronged and honor to fulfill the divine promises. This will rejoice those who trust in the Word. God is upright, He does not bend or stoop to the unjust and workers of iniquity, except to give them forgiveness when they repent. He is the Savior!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, perfect Rock! With satisfaction, we come to draw waters from the springs of Your salvation. Thus, we will walk with perfection before You. We never tire of saying that You are all we need to be victorious.

Your ways are precious to us, for they are Your judgments. Every soul longs for You. You are righteous and upright. You are the Truth, the reality of things. Trusting in You, we will be fully happy!

Look at those who preach Your Word and consecrate themselves to give someone the breath and the faith that prevails against the destructive forces of Hell. Revive the one who feels he can't take it anymore. You will carry him in Your arms. Thank You for loving us!


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