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And they departed and went up into the mountains, and came to the Valley of Eshcol, and spied it out.   Deuteronomy 1.24

The responsibility of the spies was great. Depending on their assessment, the Israelites would rejoice and trust in the Lord or they would be saddened and angered against Him. They moved within the territories of the Amorites and saw that what God said was real. We have to go through the pages of the Bible, without straying to the left or to the right, in order to know the truth, which will free us from fear and its consequences.

The spies had to attest to the truth of God’s promise, but they got carried away by fear; then they lied to the people. Now, all deception leads to confusion for those who listen to it. We must always put this secret into practice: to follow in the Name of Jesus. In this way, we will never be used by the devil: And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him (Colossians 3.17). Pray!

Their work was necessary. After all, how can man analyze whether God has spoken the truth? Only the Lord is omniscient and can reveal good and evil. They went as far as they could; but because they did not go in the Name of the Lord, but in the error of the fathers, they missed the chance to come to a correct conclusion. Had they been sent to see the glory of the Almighty, they would have returned with joy.

Since they went because of doubt, fear and distrust, they could never have seen that the words that come out of God’s mouth never return void, for they have the power to do what He says (Isaiah 55.11). The Most High had signaled to them that the land was good and instructed them to be of good cheer to see that the Amorites were weak before them. David did not see the giant as a threat, but rather as an opportunity to triumph over him. It happened as this young man believed. Hallelujah!

Every day, you have a way to prove that God is more than enough and gives victory to those who believe in Him, but should you be deluded by the evil one, allowing fear and doubt to take hold of you – your battle will be difficult. Instead of seeing as God sees, you will see as the devil will show you. Those who are negative in their way of fighting do not have divine strength on their side.

Apparently, they were right, for they went on through the mountainous region and down into the valley of Eshcol. However, faith did not reside in the hearts of ten of the twelve spies, but fear, which would cause their eyes to perceive the lie as the truth and the truth as a lie. Why doubt the Father, when He is pleased to help His own? Walk with God and turn away from the yoke of the kingdom of darkness. He who walks with the Creator wins!

 If you have negative attitudes when you go somewhere, you will come back confused. The ten spies had the spirit of confusion, but Caleb and Joshua feared God, and He was guiding them. Thus, they escaped being ensnared by the enemy. The person who walks in the fear of the Lord has the ability to see through God’s eyes!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares      

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Lord of the good Spirit! We want to have Your Holy Spirit guiding us. Then the wiles of the devil will never ensnare us. Your holy Truth will lead us within Your perfect vision. What the adversary tries to show us doesn't matter to us!


          Help us to never accept the suggestions of the evil one in our minds. His purpose is to draw us away from faith and Your love - to destroy us. Father. We have seen a lot of Your honor and glory, so we reject any evil. Show us Your infinite grace!

The 40 days spent in the land of the Amorites were of no use, because the spies saw what the forces of darkness presented to them. They went up the mountain, down into the valley, but because they were disconnected from You, they were deceived by the devil. They contaminated Your people!


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