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Now when Jesus had come into Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother lying sick with a fever.  Mathews 8:14

Nothing escapes the Lord’s sight, from a thought that didn’t come true to a work of Satan that was supposedly perfectly accomplished. Well, first, all the devil’s actions are imperfect; second, the Truth sees and knows everything. Whoever walks with God has countless advantages, because He makes a person see things through the prism of Truth (1 Corinthians 2:16). Thus, they receive divine revelation and assistance, which will free them from stumbling and falling into evil snares.

The Lord knows well the traps used by the enemy to capture man, so He calls us to walk by His side (Psalms 23:4). There is nothing to be afraid of, for God will never allow Hell to come back to dominate us. However, if the saved live in transgression, they will be easy prey in the enemy’s hands. Satan provides opportunities to sin to trap the weak during their mistakes. Sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:1,2)!

The Master promptly accepted the invitation to go to Peter’s home. Upon entering, he soon saw the disciple’s mother-in-law lying with a high fever, as Luke describes. When they spoke of her condition, they begged Jesus to heal her, and He answered them. She was healed and began to serve them joyfully. It is good to invite the Lord into our house, especially the true house, our spirit, and ask Him to identify our errors and set us free (Psalms 139:23,24).

Luke reports that Christ leaned over Peter’s mother-in-law and when he rebuked the fever, the symptom left her (Luke 4:38,39). We should do this whenever someone is in a bad condition. If we rebuke the work of darkness in the Name of Jesus, whatever is wrong will go away. After all, the Lord gives authority and power to whom He calls to be a part of His group of disciples (Luke 10:19). We don’t have to philosophize about how to act, we just have to do the work as He did it.

God knows everything that is going on with us, from a discomfort to sins that we let linger in our heart. Therefore, being in communion with the Most High, He will cast out the evil. When we sin, we separate ourselves from the Lord; therefore, the best time to confess the error is the second after the act (1 John 1:9). Never leave for later to confess any sin. If you die with it, you will be condemned!

Ask the Savior to see all the wrong things in you and to deliver you from them. Don’t give place to the devil, for you can’t imagine what he will do in your life if that happens (Ephesians 4:27). Whoever is saved must bathe in the purifying waters – the revelations – of the Word of God. If iniquity remains in your life, it will be an open door to the powers of darkness. Live your faith fully in the Son of God, without hiding your faults. The Lord loves you!

As soon as Jesus shows you something sinful in your attitudes, confess and forsake it, asking Him to forgive you and to strengthen you so that you will no longer give in to that weakness. All things are lawful for you, but do not let anything sinful take control over you (1 Corinthians 6:12). The saved person must walk steadfastly in God, wearing clean spiritual garments (Ecclesiastes 9:8). It is up to you to enjoy eternal happiness, so be strong and get rid of sin now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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All-seeing God! You see all things, even the smallest. Your sight is good, so we ask You to probe us. Pluck out from us that which harms us. Once set free, we will walk in Your presence in a blameless way. Hallelujah! 

To be examined by You is wonderful, as we desire to let go of any iniquity. Don't let the enemy oppress us; after all, we have been set free to walk with You, and not to live away from Your merciful grace. Purify us!

Your Son has already shed His blood on our behalf, so that we may walk in a holy way, and this gives us great joy. For this reason, cleanse us from temptations and from the wickedness sent by hell-to take us away from eternal happiness. Mercy, Lord!


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