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23/05/2020 - IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT

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And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked. And that day was the Sabbath.    John 5:9

The Lord’s operations are impressive in their speed, and the work of faith is wonderful. It bears fruit in the twinkling of an eye and is perfect. We must study the Word and pray to be useful in the hands of the Almighty. People will pay attention to those who really walk with God. So shall we consecrate ourselves to Him and do the same deeds of His Son?

For those who have faith, it doesn’t matter if the problem is simple or complicated. As he determines and does the work with the power of God, all will be accomplished. Now it is necessary to follow the example of Jesus. The Master had the paralytic get up, take his bed and walk. Quickly, this one fulfilled the orders. Whoever disobeys the Creator’s directives does not believe in Him, and thus a liar does (1 John 5:10). It is good to watch and pray!

The Lord’s operation is fast, regardless of the complexity of the problem. The paralytic disregarded his evil and attended to God. Similarly, we must proceed to be successful. When Jesus speaks, healing goes from the human sphere to the divine, where everything is possible to the believer (Mk 9:23). The result will be as the Lord has promised.

Put into action what you are told immediately, or you will no longer receive the blessing. Saul despised the command from on high, so was disqualified to continue as king of Israel. The prophet Samuel told him that the Lord was displeased with burnt offerings and only wanted them to fulfill His determinations (1 Sam. 15: 17-23). God’s concern is for your obedience, not for what you have.

The miracle occurs when you believe like that man who didn’t even know Jesus. Accepting what he heard, he stood without hesitation. How can someone paralyzed for 38 years walk again? He who obeys Jesus achieves the impossible. When he was healthy, he had to take his bed, where spiritual sleep lived, and take it away. Hallelujah!

Then he began to walk. As seen by the Orthodox Jews, he was asked about being a Sabbath and therefore a day of rest. Then he told them of the event, describing how the Master had healed him. When standing before the Lord, hold on to His words. He knows you more than you know yourself. Having God’s direction, follow it!

The Lord only sees possibilities. He acts like the Father, and we must do the same (John 6:38). In fact, this He has already commanded us. If we break this commandment, we are sinning. Nothing should stop you from doing what God tells you.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Operator of wonders! That day must have been glorious for those who witnessed the Lord Jesus telling the paralytic to get up, get the bed, and walk! You are tremendous in all that you teach.

Had it not been for Jesus, the poor fellow would have died from this paralysis, frustrated that he had never had anyone's help when the water was stirred. Today, many are sad and defeated, with no hope of getting rid of their afflictions. Have mercy!

May Thy children learn from Christ to seek Thy feast, forgetting the commemoration of men. Thus they will give the discouraged the word that you know them and desire to make them free people. This is exactly your order to those who believe!


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