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After this there was a feast of the Jews, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. John 5:1

The beginning of Jesus’ ministry would impact the whole world and bring many people to heaven. Therefore, He wasted no time in being among people. On that day the Jews – religious or not – went to the feast, which, by the way, was a worldly celebration, for the Lord’s will was not done that day. We cannot let the devil take us from the presence of God, but make the feast of heaven.

It was Saturday, and no one could work. But people went out near and far to participate in something that would not improve their lives. The same is true today. If we call the people to consecration, few will be present. However, a “praise” meeting, in which the singer, or singer, lives far from the presence of God and does not free the oppressed, but sings well, will be full of people even paying admission.

The values have been changed, and many don’t even care about that. Services of gratitude are hardly ever seen in homes when family and friends gather to celebrate the healing or deliverance of someone disillusioned by medicine but healed by Christ. Even at the marriage of God’s children, glasses of champagne and similar drinks are being raised, but the holy supper or prayers are always absent.

Sincerely say: Have you consecrated yourself to the Most High in order to use His power? In general, the answer to such a question is, “I don’t have this ministry, and these things are meant for whom God has called.” It sounds like jargon invented by the devil, but Jesus said, “And these signs shall follow them that believe. In my name they shall cast out devils [...] and lay their hands upon the sick and heal them” (Mark 16:17, 18). That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

We must prepare ourselves in the knowledge of the Scriptures and the power of God, or we will never accomplish His purposes. The world has not changed or will change, and those who love him do not love the Father. Therefore, the love of God, which was in Jesus, is not in them. Then, when the devil begins to work in these lives, they will address the Almighty, saying that they do not understand why they suffer; after all, they “live” according to the Word. Can these individuals talk like that?

As long as the Savior is not the reason for your life, your feasts, and your living, you will not be used or protected by Him as you should. Many Christians say they have several unanswered whys, but God has a lot more of those whys than they do. Therefore, we must serve Him as the Bible declares. Why use tithing in personal interests if we will spend much more afterwards because of the evil things the devil will do to us?

Understand this, once and for all: the Lord is God, and we are nothing without Him. When your faith is in Christ, and your motives in life are His, you will be God’s idealized person. There is no greater joy than being used to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, and lead the lost to salvation. Invest in the Kingdom of Heaven and see how profitable it is now and will be for eternity. The Lord is faithful!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We feel the worst people in the world because we were taken from him and now we are taking our family back to these bad rudiments. Free us from worldliness and unworthy things!

We must do as Thy Son our Master did, going to the feasts of men to do Thy feasts. How beautiful it is to be able to lead our friends, even the remotest, to have faith in the Savior and be set free from sin and vice.

Open our understanding, leading us to truly love You. We must exercise what You have given us, to be glorified in Christ. Each convert can expel the infernal forces, leading the lost to be saved as well. Thank you friend!


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