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11/07/2019 - JESUS´ DECISION

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And Jesus said to him, “I will come and heal him.” Matthew 8:7

Every smart worker, when called to go anywhere in order to minister about the faith in Christ or pray for someone, must check whether such invitation is for the benefit of the one who called them, or if it´s from God, or from the flesh. If it doesn’t come from the Most High, the presence of the Lord’s servant might be harmful to that person. The Master refused to go with an official of the king to restore his son´s health, who was ill, because that man first had to believe in the words of Jesus for the son to be healed!

The servants of God must always be alert to the moving of the Holy Spirit within them. Then, with safe guidance, they can carry out what the Father executed beforehand. The authorizations of the Lord show that the work will be done. When saying that He would go and restore health to the centurion’s servant, he could already consider everything solved, for Jesus would never fail in His Word. We must also never fail!

Once you make the decision about what you felt from God, do not change it. The officer spoke in a desolate tone, but the Savior was firm with him. Pay attention to every request you are made. The important thing is to know if it comes from the Lord. If you pray before you commit your word, you will be used as is pleasing to the Most High. Do not let someone’s despair guide your actions, only God.

Another good thing is to not give mind any threat, cry or the one who has the gift of persuading. The prophet who went back to eat bread paid with his own life, because he did not remain steadfast to the Word of God (1 Kings 13: 1-24 ). As servants of the Almighty, we owe Him full obedience; He knows how to guide us. Being in prayer and ready to hear Him, we will obey Him.

When saying He would heal the servant, Jesus was preparing to give several instructions. We have to be an instrument used to solve problems and teach beginners in the work of the Lord. People come to us led by the Most High that others may also benefit. Be careful not to overdo what you should say or do. When you feel that your guidance is from God, be moved by faith.

The lessons that people learn from something we have done in the Name of Jesus will never be erased from the souls of the people. He will guide in the smallest details, so we will not disappoint those who witness our actions. Thus, we will feel fulfilled, because we will have been useful in the hands of the heavenly Father. He will reward us!

Strive to be used by the Lord, living away from sins. He will remember your efforts to keep His perfect Word. It counts a lot for Him when you help the sick, lost or those tormented by any evil forces. Without this assistance, no one will be delivered. When doing something for the needy, it will be as if it were done to the Lord.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord who gives health! That centurion heard Jesus' willingness to go to his house in order to heal the servant who was paralyzed and violently tormented. This proves that You have no other will but our well-being. Thank You!

We want to know more of Your love, goodness and willingness to help us, just like Your Son went to the house of the Roman captain. You will never cease to answer us and deliver us.

Many brothers are writing to us asking for prayers. They love You and need Your work in their lives. Nothing will prevent You from going to their homes and putting an end to their suffering!


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