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and had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in man. John 2.25

Jesus preached the Truth so that man would be delivered from sin.  He knows the human heart.  If it is not subjected to a radical changed exerted by the power of God, it will not be redeemed.  The consequence of the fall of Adam go far beyond what may be imagined, to the point that the Savior himself say that the flesh, human nature, is fruitless (John 6:63).  So when He comes again, those who are living will have to be transformed physically to go up to meet Him. 

As we are today, even when considered holy, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  This way, besides being born again when we accepted Jesus as Savior we will receive glorified bodies during His second coming.  When He rose, Christ acquired a glorious form, the way He entered where the disciples were meeting, without coming through the door.  It will truly be beautiful to go to Heaven with the Master, don’t you agree?

Knowing what man is capable of the Lord did not trust any of those who believed in His Name, when He healed the sick, delivered the oppressed and worked signs, prodigies and wonders among the crowds.  Although they were sincere and had promised to try to live in a dignified manner, because they had not been born again, they did not have the capacity to face and defeat the devil as Christ did in the desert.

Without the second birth, anyone can stumble when tempted by the devil.  This is very serious, because only being born again will this person please God and resist the devil’s deceptions.  Temptation is something difficult to endure.  All have to be born of water – the Word of God – and the Spirit or they will fail.

The Most High does not have to have us followed by a celestial Messenger 24 hours a day keeping score in order to prove we have not reached His requirements.  If God is not by our side we will fall when temptations come.  The devil was the keeper, a strong angel.  To face him, we need the aid of the One who is perfect and powerful to rid us from the evil traps. 

Seek the presence of God, keep watch and pray so as not to stumble.  When night falls, you will not be engulfed by darkness. Sinners are slaves to the devil.  Therefore be careful not to compromise your salvation.  When you feel that Satan is tempting you, pray, confess your weakness to God and resist the tempter.  Don’t give the devil the pleasure or satisfaction of saying he has you in his hands!

If you have not yet been converted, seek a pastor and ask him to lead you to a new birth.  Even if all Hell unites itself and comes against your life to enslave you, you will escape the clutches of evil if you are born of the water and the Spirit.  Don’t let the accuser steal your salvation!

In Christ, with Love

R. R. Soares

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God, Author of the new birth! What a solution You created for the human race! Due to the fall, we lost all the attributes You had placed in us.  In the enemies’ hands we would amount to nothing.  Now, reborn in You we are Your children!

You cannot trust in man and say we should not trust in man too, for cursed is he who trusts in man and make flesh and human nature his strength.  Believing in You delivers us from the hands of the enemy and blesses us. 

Now having been born again and filled with Your Holy Spirit, we can walk hand in hand with You, who protects us from the devil’s schemes.  Use us to deliver the deceived by the enemy.  We want to be useful in Your hands!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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