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21/07/2019 - JESUS SAW A TUMULT

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Then He came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and saw a tumult and those who wept and wailed loudly. Mark 5:38

It´s important to have Jesus come to our home, for, with His eyes, He will see our struggles, needs and wrongs things that can harm others.  On that day, there was a tumult in Jabirus’´ house – the chief of the Synagogue. The Lord knows it doesn’t help to increase the pain with weeping and murmuring. 

Christ is always next to our habitation, but many times we don´t allow His entrance. He desires to dwell in our home, meet our family and work in their favor. There was great harmony between the Master, Martha, Mary and Lazarus, so much that the sisters sent Him a message saying: “Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick” (John 11:3). 

He loves those who love Him – have and keep His commandments. Its wrong to stop loving God, for He is love and works continuously in our life, granting us healing, peace, solutions, happiness, prosperity and teaching us to live freely from the wicked powers. Many times, we don’t even remember His existence and promises. Our hearts have been hardened, but He only does good!

Can we say we love the Most High? Do we dedicate our lives to doing good? Have you contributed for the Gospel to be known among nations that never heard about the Master? Do your offerings have less importance than cosmetics and other goods you purchase? Have you tithed? Who do you pray to when in trouble? Do you truly believe in God´s help? Is He your Lord or servant? 

Although Scriptures guarantee that when we believe in Christ, we and our household will be saved (Acts 16:31), have we given consideration to the way our children, brothers and other relatives live? Unfortunately, some of the answers to these questions are disappointing? We manage to take the family to the theater but we don’t invite them to church to hear about God´s grace? 

Lead the Lord to your home and separate a moment for a weekly service, better yet, a daily one. Do whatever necessary; even if you are humiliated by others who still don´t understand the Gospel. Daughters and sons in law are part of your family that must be enlightened. This way, they won´t laugh at you nor get lost, like it happened to Lot´s daughters bridegrooms (Genesis 19:14). Although they are loved in your family, believe: if they are not born again, they won´t be saved. 

Weeping, even among biblical quotes, will not solve your issues. The Lord can only answer faith. Before one of yours get´s lost, lead them to the Savior. Then, you will have the joy of fulfilling your duty. Those who weep and wail loudly will be cast out from God´s house. There is still time to go back to the Most High. Believe! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of resurrection! That day at Jairus´ house Jesus caused the ill intentioned people to leave, for He would bring that girl back from the dead. Today, You still do the same works! 

So many family members are dead in wrongdoings! If they remain this way, they will never see day light. They were crying so much because that girl had died, and that increased everybody´s pain and suffering. When the Master arrived, all that turned into great joy. 

May those families that have a troubled family member wake up and draw near to You! Otherwise, they will weep desperately forever the eternal loss of that person. But You will transform this family!


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