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21/01/2023 - JUDAH’S BAD EXAMPLE

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And I said, after she had done all these things, ‘Return to Me.’ But she did not return. And her treacherous sister Judah saw it.  Jeremiah 3.7

The kingdom of Samaria used and abused God’s patience, doing things in the intimacy of the marriage bed that could not be mentioned. For this reason, it was abandoned into the hands of the ruthless King Shalmaneser, who took the Israelites to various parts of Assyria. They never reorganized again, because they were dissolved among the nations. The price to be paid for sin is too high. Always be alert and cry out!

Before the Assyrian invasion, the Lord had sent His prophets to preach to the rebels about repentance, inviting them to return to Him. Otherwise, serious consequences would come. All this was in vain. Then the fence of protection was taken away, and they saw how much it hurts to be hard-headed and rebellious. Why did God give them this opportunity? Because of the covenant He had made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to bless their descendants (Genesis 13.14-17).

The Lord was about to make the same decision with the nation of Judah, which was ruled by David’s descendants. Just as He had done with Samaria, God reached out to them, but they rejected. The Father does not want His people to be oppressed by darkness, and because He is just, He will never allow this to happen to those who know the Truth and prefer not to walk in the light. See if you are making the same mistake and come back to God!

The Most High calls Judah treacherous. He was not angry with them, but for not exercising judgment – something determined by God in favor of the oppressed, poor and destitute (Jeremiah 22.3) – he told them that they would be captives in Babylon for 70 years (Jeremiah 25.11). Don’t be a bad person, but rather bring deliverance to those who live under the devil’s paws (Hebrews 12.12). Evangelizing with power is the secret that pleases the Father!

The treacherous nation of Judah saw the Assyrian onslaught, but was spared, with the consequent defeat of Sennacherib through the Lord’s hands, who smote 185,000 of his best soldiers in one night of glory (Isaiah 37.36). These would be the wicked ones who would finish off those of Judah. Now, they did not believe that God would protect them again, so they acted like Samaria, who was offered a pardon that was not accepted. Thus, they paid for the same mistake. Take care of yourself!

Despite what happened to Samaria, the people of Judah continued to act outside the Word, and the result was long years of slavery. You see, it is not enough to say that they were sons of Jacob, so nothing bad would befall them. All of God’s work in Egypt to deliver the Hebrews from captivity and then to settle them in Canaan was despised because of their ungodly attitudes. Will we receive different treatment?

It is good not to play with your eternal happiness, because from one hour to the next the devil will attack you and your family members. When this happens, if you are right with the Lord, He will give Satan the end he deserves. But if you are not well with God, you will suffer defeat. Get right with your Heavenly Father and live free from the onslaughts of the enemy. God is waiting for you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our example! For many years, the people of Samaria didn't want to pay attention to You, living dissolutely and giving bad testimony to those who had no respect for You. Thus, they stumbled into scandals on a daily basis. Evil must be rooted out!

The people of Judah had no idea that the same would happen to them. Those who paid no attention and did not receive forgiveness for their mistakes continued on the paths of suffering, being the next victims of the ruthless captivity. Deliver us, Father!

Why live away from Your safety, paying a high price for transgressions, if You are our Father and Lord? We want to return to You unharmed. May Your Spirit envelop us in Your arms, to honor Your glorious Name, which is invoked upon us!


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