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For the Lord is our Judge, The Lord is our Lawgiver, The Lord is our King; He will save us; Isaiah33:22

To have Jesus as Savior is all that we need to be successful in our faith.   Besides having delivered us from eternal condemnation, He helps us in every way.  In truth, we can find in Him the source for all the necessary supplies for everything in this life.  To withdraw from communion with Christ is the worst decision to be made, because it is impossible to deal single-handedly with the forces of evil. If we do try, we will face problems in each and every area.

Consider now, that who faced all the devils in our behalf, including their leader, would not give us all the conditions to live well? Many Christians live in defeat for not having talked to the Master about what troubles them.  If they were to talk to Him, He would immediately take measures, by the Word in action, so that they would assume the authority of those that are saved in Christ. He is much more than all we need to defeat our temptations.  It is wise and good to be in communion with the Lord.

The Lord is the Judge who can acquit us of the indictments concerning the way we lived before being saved and from the falls, which we might have suffered after being saved.  The recipe for freedom is to confess our sins, for He is faithful and just in forgiving us and purifying us from all iniquity (1 John 1:9). If you do not confess your sins, on the last Day, when Christ sits in judgment, the only sentence He can pronounce is of condemnation. 

Another one of His attributes is to be our Lawgiver.  All commandments and prohibitions came from Him, so that we would be wise and not fall for the lies of Satan who does everything he can so that we stray from the Way and lose our place in Heaven.  Believe this: the laws of the Most High were the best for us; therefore, the rebels will not find excuses to justify their wrong doings.  The best way to love God is to have and to keep His commandments (John 14:21).

As our King, He rules over everything with the purpose of protecting us from the evil one and from eternal damnation.  Those who do not take up the Lord as Sovereign over their lives will have problems with the devil, and when they need help, they will learn that their decision was the worst.  Surrender to the lordship of the heavenly Father, for there is nothing better than to be subject to Him who reigns with justice and does everything thinking of our well-being.  It is well worth having Jesus as King!

The Lord’s mission is to save us, guarding and keeping us from the evil one, from his temptations and destructive works that he sent to the holy people.  Besides, knowing what we have as belonging to Christ, we will give the perfect example of the meaning of believing in God and obeying His purpose.  Don’t let, therefore the enemy oppress you, or steal your faith, because it enables you to please God and lead Him to intercede in your behalf.  The Lord is the size that you make Him to be.

Be faithful to the Most High, and you will then see how good it is to walk in the Light.  As Judge, He will acquit you of your sins; as Lawgiver he has already prepared the laws that will make and keep you wise throughout life, and as your King he will save you. In God you will enjoy and live everything that belongs to the faithful believers in His Word.  To Him be the Glory forever!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Holy Judge, Lawgiver and eternal King. We can’t find words to declare everything that You are and will continue to be for those who deposit their faith in You.  Therefore, we can only adore You! Even a “thank you very much’ from the heart is already a sublime act of praise. 

Allow us to know You more and more, for certainly, those who served You in the past and saw Your glory made this request and were granted it.  Our generation needs this. 

We thank You for all you have taught us, for the virtue You have given us and for what we have obtained. But we do want to get closer to You and not further; otherwise Your soul will not take pleasure in us.


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