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For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, Nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption. Psalm16:10

There is nothing better than being sure that we are well with our heavenly Father, as this frees us from the oppressions of the enemy. The king of Israel was used to inform that our soul will not be left in Hell nor will we see corruption. This is guaranteed by the honor of the Lord. But if you have had trouble with sin and have been tempted by temptation, it is better to be right with the Most High. Thus, you will not be surprised at the Judgment.

We are born separated from God, with a one-way ticket to hell; but as we listen to the Gospel, we are saved and forgiven of the iniquities practiced and the stain of Adam’s original sin placed upon us, which brought us out of the divine presence. As saved we can rejoice because the devil can no longer touch us. Now, if we yield to temptation, we will return to perdition. Only those who endure to the end will be saved (Mt 24:13)!

After we are born again (John 3:7), we must pay attention to God’s Word, for He will make us see the paths of life (Ps.16:11). As you understand the Scriptures, you will feel that the teachings contained in it are designed to transform your being. This is the greatest gift you could receive from the Lord after obtaining salvation. Thus you can walk the path God has shown and solve your problems. Hallelujah!

The path of life will never be closed to you unless you commit transgressions. Now why would a Christian prefer error and perdition if he can have so much more holiness? The saved have an authority that the enemy can never question. After all, what God shows to His children belong to them. After the revelation, you don’t even have to ask for what you need, because everything that concerns life has already been given to you (2 Pet. 1:3).

Living in the presence of the Most High is very important. Before Him 24 hours a day we will enjoy the fullness of joys (Ps. 16:11). See, the word “joy” is plural, and that means we can have many accomplishments, having a life with Christ. Therefore, try to live before God with a pure heart, without giving the devil any possibility of taking him from this most privileged place.

Being at the right hand of the Most High, you will be where there are delights perpetually. This begins by receiving Christ as Savior and continues until the moment of the Rapture. Therefore, do not respond to temptations or leave your position in which you will live in the midst of so many wonderful things that will satisfy you until the day of your departure to the eternal Home. But many saved ones prefer to stay away from the revelations of Scripture.

What do we lack? Just dedicate ourselves a little more to prayer and study of the Word, so that we will enjoy all that has been provided for us. We do not have to live badly. Unfortunately, many believers do not live at the right hand of the Omnipotent and waste heavenly blessings. Don’t be one of them!

In Christ ,with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, the faithful One! We have every reason to enjoy the abundant life provided by Jesus; For this we need to know what belongs to us. Father, help us to take possession of these gifts.

We are not in Hell, but we live far from Your love. But, understanding your plans, we will live them. In this way you will be glorified in Your Son, our Savior. We are grateful that you enlighten us and teach us to assume what is ours.

The world must see in us your glory. So people will know You as Father and Lord. Therefore, we call for a change in our lives, to honor You as is due. Amen!


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