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Also the heart of the rash will understand knowledge, And the tongue of the stammerers will be ready to speak plainly. Isaiah 32:4

The work performed by Jesus as he divested the devil of the authority he had held over humanity was so great that even the careless as they convert behave with  prudence. The knowledge of God is at the reach of those who always behaved wildly and consequently were involved with problems that brought suffering. Now, enlightened by the Word they all can and should use the authority in Christ to live well. 

We must have prudence at work in us 24 hours each day so that we do not fall into the traps of the devil.  When we least expect it he presents us with an “innocent” situation.  Then, if we simply say yes or do nothing against his advances he will cause us great damage.  Then we will have to pray to God for Him to help us.  Some in their prayers even say to the Lord that they do not understand why He did not protect them. 

To understand and apply knowledge are attitudes that will make us masters over all that concerns us.  Using this virtue we will never again be confounded or deceived by the temptations from evil.  His attacks are lethal weapons that can lead us to sin.  However, prudence will keep us from opening breaches for him.  Living by the Spirit, we will never fall into the deadly deeds of Satan!

God’s servants have to be conquerors and masters.  This comes to be when they speak according to the Word and take an irrevocable decision in their heart.  We receive authority to conquer the evil one and to determine what we need.  This the Lord did for us and we must act according to His instructions.  Use this authority and be victorious in faith!

Some of the saved know that they must face the forces of darkness, be it temptation or direct attacks from evil, but when it comes time to rebuke and expel the enemy or call to existence the unseen, they hesitate in giving the orders.   Even a dog knows if we are taking up our position and place or not. If we are not firm in our orders it will not obey us. 

The members of the New Covenant were prepared by the Lord to open their mouths with authority (Luke 21:15), making good their rights in Christ and giving glories to the Kingdom of God.  Those who do not live what belongs to them in the Savior will sadden the heavenly Father.  In little time the person will see many problems invade their territory because Satan will launch his attacks. 

Speak as the servant of God and son of the great King, the only One who can bear the Name of the Almighty.  Jesus made us sovereign unto His Father, and as such to perform the divine plan like the Master used to.  We were made kings for God!  Therefore, make good your rights and privileges in Christ.  This way the Father will be glorified!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord, Restorer of our dignity! You are good, powerful and invincible.  You removed us from defeat and gave us our place in Christ Jesus, the King of kings.  Now, because we are Your sons and daughters, we become princes and must rule in righteousness. 

We must live with prudence, living without causing scandals.  You gave us authority to carry out Your plan.  You are the glory of the work that we do through the mission You have delegated to us. 

We will not speak with fear and yes with the power of Your Name.  What matters to us is that we master according to righteousness so that You are always glorified by our actions.  Thank You for giving us authority!


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