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Then I said to you, Do not be terrified, or afraid of them. Deuteronomy 1.29

It´s amazing how bad news has a tremendous destructive capacity. Because of it, those who listen make unwise decisions. But many don’t know that the Good News contains the power of God, and when we proclaim it, we can see great wonders take place: healing of incurable diseases and the transformation of lives. God is immeasurable and will never fail. His Word is our only guarantee!

As Moses contemplated the result in those who heard the lying description of the spies and the unbelievable response of the people wanting to return to Egypt, he tried to bring those people to their senses, but it was too late. God had to intervene, announcing the greatest punishment inflicted on a nation – wandering 40 years in the wilderness. If the saved declare themselves contrary to the Scriptures, believing the lie, nothing more can be done for them.

They disregarded Moses’ arguments, for they feared dying in that inhospitable place, and were resolved to return to Egypt and captivity. But he who believes in the Lord will never be killed or put to shame. The moment was delicate: God proposed to kill those who were led astray by the enemy, adhering to the talk of the bad spies, and start a new race of chosen ones, whose origin would come from Moses. This leader appealed and was heard (Exodus 32.10).

Since the picture portrayed by the ten envoys left no room for doubt, the people were more than astonished. They brought the fruit of the land, confirming that the place was good, fertile and perfect. However, when describing the inhabitants there, they exceeded themselves and made the people’s trust in the Lord disappear. This blow of the evil one brought an eternal loss to those who gave them credit: the rebels would neither see nor enter the Promised Land. Believe in God only!

The Hebrews were not supposed to fear the enemy, but how could they do so without fearing God? Now, the person who fails to honor the heavenly Father properly has a trajectory marked by shame, because He who is the Strength of the saved will no longer operate in his life. Losing fellowship with the Lord is one’s worst defeat, for they are left wide open to the nefarious works of Hell. From then on, everything bad can happen to them. Prepare yourself to respect God only!

Why were they influenced by an idea originating outside the beloved Lord’s purpose? Didn’t they understand what Moses was saying? Yes, they did, but the rebellion formed in their hearts made them refuse the truth. This is what happens with those who practice evil and reject repentance. The day will come when, even if he asks for mercy, he will not find it. Be alert for the time of your visitation!

When the anointing of the Holy Spirit is not present, one lives full of fear and trouble. But in the heart of the one who knows how to love God, no evil befalls him nor does any plague come to his home (Psalm 91.10). We must decide whether we will obey the One who is the Reason for our existence, or whether we will walk down other alleys, where there is no protection and no shelter. The saved always do well, if they don’t let themselves be led astray. What do you say?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our present God! We long to be at Your side every moment, so that the wind of evil will not come near us nor our family members and brothers and sisters in Christ. No deceitful word should take us away from obeying You. We must walk before You with true dignity!

When proposals do not come from You, draw them away from us. We want to remain in what You allow us, so we cry out with all our heart and soul, that Your mighty hand may draw us closer to You. We desire to participate only in the good work!

The Hebrews did not mince their words and asked to be allowed to send spies to Canaan. But how dare they make such a request, when it was right to trust You without wavering? The time has come for Your children to use only truth and faith!


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