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Declare in Judah and proclaim in Jerusalem, and say: “Blow the trumpet in the land; Cry, ‘Gather together,’ And say, ‘Assemble yourselves, And let us go into the fortified cities.’  Jeremiah 4:5

As always with people without the fear of God, who seek only material blessings, the people of Judah let themselves be carried away by the abundance of bread and carnal affairs. Thus, he did not heed the warnings of men who spoke by divine order. The Lord, who has foreknowledge, warned through his prophets that the enemy would come and destroy the earth. However, this sounded like something unlikely to happen, but the day came.

In our time, we even see in churches individuals who only think about the pleasures of the flesh and pursue what is forbidden. Some consider that the biblical warnings come from those who do not have a “good head”. The inhabitants of Judah could not believe that, having the temple of God in Jerusalem, their land would be visited by evil. They believed that the existing good there would grow and be endless, unlike the prophecies of Jeremiah.

The order was for them to shout at the whole kingdom and proclaim in Jerusalem that the devastation would be total and they would be sent into captivity. However, they narrowly did not kill the prophet who spoke in the Name of the Lord. Instead of raising the alarm of what would come over them, they preferred to believe those who spoke according to their own lusts. Then the end came quickly!

Despite divine warning, the people, accustomed to wrong practices, refused to turn to the Lord and, a little later, ended up in Babylon. A great tragedy will occur with those who harden their hearts and surrender to sin. Although God sends His servants to warn of eternal destruction, most call them fanatics. But it will happen!

God’s love for humanity has made him work out the plan of salvation since the first couple sinned. The Most High used His prophets to warn people. It was a perfect project, capable of giving everyone salvation, but many do not want to believe in Him. Even today, there are those who close their ears to the divine voice. Then, when God closes the doors, they will seek desperate help and will not get it.

Jesus listed a series of signs that would precede His return, and many are already fulfilled, including a lack of zeal for the things of God. We see and even among the “saved” the search for gold, material goods and works of the flesh. Never have you seen so much brazenness. Life matters are trivialized in such a way that we are considered crazy when we talk about the truth of the Last Judgment.

The Lord told Jeremiah to tell the house of David to gather, run and flee to the protected cities, but no one paid any attention. The alarm has sounded! God is sanctifying His people and empowering them to overcome the enemy’s lies. The wise still believe in the heavenly Father. Is this you?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of prophecy! Sooner than man thinks, Your Son will return. Then whoever has despised You will despair. Those who hope in You will inherit the earth, rise with the Savior and, with Him, will be forever in Heaven!

Wake us, Father! Sin has been dulling many people, who have no idea how much they will suffer forever. We do not know the day or time that Jesus will return to take us to Your Kingdom of love, peace and eternal security. We wait!

Awake Your people! Thus, he will not do like the mad virgins, who did not keep the oil and, when they returned to the wedding, the door was closed. Teach us to enter strong cities to be spared from loss!


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