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Yes, he struggled with the Angel and prevailed; He wept, and sought favor from Him. He found Him in Bethel, and there He spoke to us.  Hosea 12:4

The way Jacob behaved before the Angel of God on the night that Esau’s heart was changed was called the act of a prince by the divine Envoy (Genesis 32:28). It was said about Jacob that he struggled with God and prevailed (Hosea 12:3). Whoever knows their rights in Christ should proceed this way, for this pleases God. Surely Jacob was sensitive to hear how he should pray and behave. Remember: our struggle is not against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12).

When God gave His word to Jacob, assuring him that He would take him to his destination and lead him back to his land, this servant of the Lord had only one alternative: believe. This was the only option that would grant him good results anywhere on the face of the Earth. We can never say that we have done everything possible, because if we target the promise, God Himself will strengthen us so that we will not lose heart. Thus, we will never be alone in the battle.

Jacob prevailed. Glory to God! However, if he had abandoned the battle, he would not have been honored nor the Lord glorified. As we are drafted into His army of warriors, He will be responsible for our success. We are the servants who need strength to continue in the battle towards victory. But when we “throw in the towel,” we claim we can’t do it anymore and accuse the Lord of having abandoned us.

By saying that while he was fighting, Jacob cried and pleaded with God, Hosea shed more light on this episode than the writer of Genesis. In the first biblical record, we think that the struggle was only physical, but seeing that he wept and pleaded, expressions that indicate spiritual struggle, we understand that he needed to give more reasons in order to receive more strength. We have to use this kind of argument to triumph. If we fail, we will lead many to failure.

Yes, God’s heroes do weep. They fight with the Lord and need help to keep the enemy from seeing them defeated. At that crucial moment, Jacob felt he had to go to Bethel, in order to find the One who made the promise and give an account of what he had accomplished in the places he had been. When he got there, he found the Lord and returned with the answer that made him successful. God never diminishes those who seek Him!

From the moment we accept Jesus as Savior and surrender our lives to His care, we cannot agree to any excuses. To do otherwise would mean believing that He lied, and that is impossible. The Lord is the Fulfiller of all His promises. Since God knew what we would go through on the walk of faith, He forgave us of our sins and gave us His Word. Therefore, we must endure even the blood, if necessary (Hebrews 12:4)!

At Bethel, the Almighty spoke to the patriarch and his family about their future. Just as before, God still speaks to those who stand firm in making Him their Lord. If you must weep and plead, do so. However, never be untrue or a liar to God, for such behavior would grieve Him greatly. The Lord wants to see you dealing with Him like a prince. He is your King!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our steadfast struggles! We cannot thank You enough for such love, kindness and mercy. To be called a prince by You is a great privilege. Thank You for the support and the strength in our battle with You. This way, we can be victorious!

To prevail with Your help is a great blessing. After all, who are we and what can we do without You? Nothing. But when Your power comes upon us and anoints us, we can accomplish more than our soul desires. As princes, we learn to overcome at all times!     

By using Your Name, our ministry will be successful. May we learn to live by Your side and act according to Your will. Then we will know that submission to You is a sign of blessings. We thank You, Father!


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