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Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD? Who can declare all His praise? Psalm 106.2

No one can speak about the wonders of God without having contact with His grace, which works through faith. It’s not enough to have scientific knowledge to speak about spiritual reality, if one has never been informed about it. The Gospel is not a religion that fights with other religions for the hegemony of members, like a private company does to increase its revenues. The Good News is part of Jesus’ work on the cross.

When you read the Bible free from preconceived ideas, coming from human arguments, you will understand the unique and unparalleled value of what the Lord Jesus did. In some places, there are people who, because of their love for money or other dark interests, act fraudulently in the spiritual realm. But the Word of God abhors such acts. The Master said that we should freely give what we have freely received (Matthew 10.8). No one has ever paid for the power to heal the sick.

The very important Element that accompanies the preaching of the Good News is the Holy Spirit, who is part of the Holy Trinity. His job is to tell us whatever He has heard in Heaven, so that we may learn the truth directly (John 16.13). He is called by Jesus the Spirit of truth, and the Truth is the Word of the Lord (John 17.17). Our mission is not to bring people into the church in order to be the greatest, manipulate them or any other purpose, but to save the lost.

When someone receives Christ as Savior, his spirit realizes that God is more than a philosophy; He is the Creator of everything. This encounter takes place in the heart of the person who hears about Jesus. In a service where there are millions of people, and the preaching is done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (John 16.8-11), all of them realize that it is genuine, because their interior burns with the fire of Heaven. No one can do this artificially, because people will act in their normal way, but they will feel the truthfulness of the message in their hearts.

For about 50 years I have been ministering the Good News around the world, mostly in daily meetings. Some are attended by thousands of people who had never been to services of this nature before, nor did they know anyone faithful to the Christian faith. Even where the Gospel is almost unknown, the same result is obtained. After the prayers, people tell with joy about the wonders and healings worked in their lives. This would be impossible without God Himself at work.

Most of these meetings are filmed, and you can see the satisfaction of those who tell of the blessings they have received. There are cases of legs and feet being straightened, sight and hearing restored, among other healings. How could all this have happened if it were not for the Lord confirming His Word taught while He was here in the world? The good thing is that everyone sees that this is from God.

Who can mention the works of the Father as true or false, being a partisan of this or that religion, or an unbeliever? Confirmation is given in those who feel that the deeds of the Most High are real, and who come to terms with Him, accepting Christ’s sacrifice, and are saved. Whoever drinks of the water given by Jesus will never be the same again (John 4.13,14).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of mighty works! Your work is beautiful! The more the preacher is stripped of any material or spiritual interest, the more You manifest Yourself in a great way, giving everyone the testimony of the Truth. You give man the best!

Good must be done everywhere; after all, the problems of the people are greater than we imagine. As we preach the Word in the power of Your Spirit, those who hear it will understand the greatness of this moment. Thank You for using us in this way!

We want to proclaim Your praises, as we experience Your love and Your mercy, meant for those who bow down to You. May Your hand continue to give us what we need! Jesus did this in His days on Earth. Beloved Father, we are grateful!



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