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I have heard many such things; Miserable comforters are you all!         Job 16.2

What a contrast between Job’s friends and Jesus! Those comforted by Christ became real comforters. Job’s friends were doing their best, but in reality, they were pestering the patriarch, who was unaware of the reason for his intense suffering. Job was disturbed by their insinuation, which was true, but the cause of his affliction remained unknown. However, he needed to know what it was in order to rid himself of the scourge!

Many say they are prepared to do divine work – they even judge those who preach the Word as Jesus did – but they only know part of the Gospel. Christ said that He gave us an example: For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you (John 13:15). Today’s “comforters” would do better to re-read the Gospels as if they had never read them and meditate on the Lord’s practices and statements.

These comforters do a beautiful job, because they speak of God’s love, of the holiness that is essential for Christ’s followers, but they need to know a little more about the biblical teachings, like Apollo: This man had been instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things of the Lord, though he knew only the baptism of John (Acts 18.25). Even the 12 apostles were incapable of receiving everything (John 16.12)!

Ministers of the Gospel must know that they are under Christ’s orders. They were placed in the Scriptures so that we would get it right in the execution of the work. However, those who don’t read the Bible or meditate on it forget what they are supposed to say or only partially learn its teachings. Even some attitudes prove this, because Jesus said He was meek and humble of heart, yet some of them refer to us with visible hatred on their faces!

Why should there be division in the Kingdom of God, after what Jesus said to the apostles, who forbade the man to cast out demons in His Name? He wasn’t one of the church’s ministers, so he couldn’t do that: Now John answered Him, saying, “Teacher, we saw someone who does not follow us casting out demons in your name; and we forbade him, because he does not follow us” (Mark 9.38). What courage the 12 had, didn’t they?

When the apostles spoke of their courage in disallowing the preacher from another congregation to speak about Christ and His work, which was similar to that of their group, they were rebuked by the Leader: “But Jesus said, ‘Do not forbid him, for no one who works a miracle in my name can soon afterward speak evil of me’” (Mark 9.39). How many have prayed that God would not let a certain person preach, because he was ruining the ministry? Mercy on those who did!

Job’s comforters were called miserable. What kind of comforter have we been? The disciples didn’t remember one of the Master’s first teachings: For he who is not against us is on our side (Mark 9.40). What kind of comforters were they? Mercy! Our conduct is shown by our deeds, words and the lessons we receive and give. May your life and ministry glorify the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R.R. Soares

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Beloved Lord! We don't want to be miserable comforters, but those who live in Your presence and have something to offer those that are suffering. We're not creating something for ourselves, like a farm to live off of, but we're fulfilling the mission in a way that glorifies You!

Help us to be people who only say things that come from You. We want to live at Your feet with love and surrender, so that humanity may be saved from the damnation destined for those who don't love You!

Open our understanding, freeing us from the temptations caused by Satan's cunning to lead us astray. With Your help, we are more than conquerors in Christ, who loved us and gave Himself to save and use us!


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