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08/03/2022 - MOMENT OF SANITY

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But when he came to himself, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger! Luke 15:17

When someone recognizes his own mistakes and reflects on what he has heard from God’s Word, he begins to take the first steps towards freedom. Thus, his soul will be taught to make wise decisions. Far from God, we are deceived by the devil, whose plan is to steal, kill, and destroy the human being (John 10:10). However, when we let the enlightenment that comes from meditating on the Word enter our hearts, we soon know how to proceed to free ourselves from oppression.

Coming to your senses makes the person reason about their actions, and if they accept God’s help, they will realize how far they have gone. Then, having the fear of the Lord, the beginning of wisdom, they will know how to free themselves from the onslaughts of the evil one (Psalm 111:10). Behind every evil action, there is a spirit that leads man to act in a way contrary to life. During His days on Earth, Jesus showed us what to do with the infernal forces, casting them out. Assume your position in Christ!

There are all kinds of evil kingdom messengers influencing people, but those who have received instruction from any biblical statement know that the resolution to be taken will bring peace and life (Psalm 119:105). Those who do not let the light of God shine in their hearts can take a position that can lead them down the paths of prostitution, crime and suicide. One should never accept this possibility, for he who does – embraces the enemy. Why betray the Lord?

The young prodigal thought right, remembering his father’s kindness even to the servants who performed their duties, such as preparing the land for planting, cleaning the plants, harvesting the crops, etc. Never let any bad memories arise in your mind. Try to remember the good things you heard at home, the times when you saw your parents’ joy, and the help they showed you in times of adversity.

Even though they were simple, those workers had plenty of bread. The young man must have remembered his parents’ affection for him when he was ill; the advice given to him about the bad opportunities that came his way on Earth, and it did him good. Turning to a verse that spoke to your heart will help you greatly. This way, the devil will never succeed in putting you on the wrong track. Throw away the bad advice and turn to God!

The prodigal son no longer let his own pride fool him or allow him to blame his father for his suffering. This way, he recognized that he had made the wrong decision; after all, he was suffering from hunger. Pray to God at this hour, putting everything that is in your heart before Him (Psalm 139:23,24). Determine that evil will retreat and aim only at good things. God will help you and do what is necessary to see you on your feet. Assume your rights in Christ!

Check what you did wrong. Don’t prioritize the small things – although you should think about them. Dedicate your time to finding the most important one: the one that sealed your defeat. Then, repent of your transgression (Revelation 2:5). The sign that repentance has come to you are the tears that will appear on your face (James 4:9,10). This is beautiful and proves that you love yourself and want to make amends in life. God is faithful!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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Just and merciful God! It is good when You cause us to reflect, so that we see our sins. At this point, we feel shame and anger regarding our actions, but at the same time comes Your joy - which guides us along the path of peace and goodness!

Do not leave us in iniquity, but lift us up and bring us back to Your home, which is also ours. Your counsels are highly beneficial. Nothing will keep us from You, because the Good News we have heard has the power to deliver us!

We accept Your help and want to learn to do what will lead us to You and Your good Spirit. Thank You for loving us, taking us out of the wicked path and giving us Your guidance and assurance that we act wisely. We are grateful to You, wonderful Father!


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