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28/01/2020 - NONE OF HIS WAYS

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Do not envy the oppressor, And choose none of his ways. Proverbs 3:31

None of God´s counsel can be disregarded, for all become commandments for us. We must respect what the Lord speaks, because His Word is like Him: eternal, true and powerful to fulfill all that He announces. Therefore, if you do not respect nor love the heavenly Father, you will not be loved by Him nor by the Savior, Jesus, who will cease to manifest in your life. Believe it!

In the Bible, there are countless examples of people who have been carried away by various bad feelings and perished. Everything the devil says is the opposite of Truth. From God comes life, the confirmation of His promises, and the good He is pleased to do for those who believe Him. But he who comes from the evil one tries to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Do not leave anything from Hell in you, for it wants to hurt you.

Let’s look at the sad fate of King Saul. He was raised as Israel´s first monarch. Before, he was humble and even hid himself when they sought him. However, after becoming pastor of his people, he let wicked feelings into his heart and acted contrary to God’s will. When he saw David being hailed as a hero, he was jealous and said: They have ascribed to David ten thousands, and to me they have ascribed only thousands (1 Samuel 18: 8). Poor guy!

Saul was troubled by an evil spirit, and David was sent to help him. When he praised God with his harp, the demon would go away. But twice, Saul tried to nail Jesse’s son into the wall with his spear (1 Samuel 19:10). The Word is true when it says that deep calls unto deep (Psalm 42:7). Do not allow a wicked feeling into you, because with it others will come who will possess and destroy you.

Later the king was violent. He heard but did not obey the Lord’s command, through the prophet Samuel, to destroy Agag, the Amalekite king, Esau´s descendent, who had attacked the Israelites from the rear almost 500 years before and hurt some weak people. God had sworn that the day to end that people would come, but Saul disrespected the Word and sinned.

The fact that Saul spared Agag and took the cows for himself – after all, even the animals should have be killed – made him lose his kingdom. He disrespected the divine order.  The violent man dared to harm even what God accomplishes, as did the Amalekite ruler years earlier. Saul showed that he did not fear the punishment his action would bring. Never despise the Lord´s words! (See 1 Samuel 15: 1-30).

Saul chose one of the ways of the brutal man and therefore lost his kingdom. He could have obeyed and been honored by God. It is not good to be carried away by any temptation, because undoubtedly the price you pay will be lasting. God’s servant never fails to honor the Lord  and will therefore be well rewarded.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our true Friend! Your counsels do us a great good and lead us to be rewarded by You. Therefore, we come before You for a moment of prayer, meditation and learning. Give us of Your teaching always!

The sad biblical stories, like Saul's, who had everything to be a true servant of Yours - but allowed envy take hold of his heart and then could no longer control himself - shows us how dangerous it is not to obey You .

May Your love, Your grace, and the anointing of Your Spirit come upon us! Then, we will be used to fulfill Your wonderful plan. We love you wholeheatedly; But because we are men, we ask You to guide us in love!


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