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Now it happened, when Abiathar the son of Ahimelech fled to David at Keilah, that he went down with an ephod in his hand. 1 Samuel 23:6

It wasn’t by chance that Abiathar, son of Ahimelech, fled to David when Saul killed all his family. Everything God allows to happen to us has a purpose that will only be revealed in eternity. It is good to do the will of the Lord; we will be rewarded in a great way. There will be rewards for those who guide people away from sin and hand a simple cup of water that refreshes a person’s soul.

Abiathar was guided by the Lord to David, because he would be useful to the future governor of Israel, who was being hunted by Saul as if he were an enemy to the Israelites. David was willing to fight against the Philistines and free the people from Keilah, a city that was being attacked by the Philistines. In the past, wars occurred for several reasons: when a king wanted to demonstrate his power over another, or for pure greed. The people from that place suffered the consequences.

David asked Abiathar, the priest, to bring him the ephod, which was like an apron, worn in the presence of the Lord. That request was prophetic. Today, the saved ones are made priests and kings to our God (Revelation 5:10). David was fighting the battles of the Most High, and he was willing to take on the risks of wearing that vesture, in order to hear God’s directions. We can only do things when we receive guidance from Him.

Our ephod today is spiritual, and we received it from the Lord when we were saved. In that occasion, we inherited our double ministry – the one I mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, if we turn back to sin, we will make it dirty again, that’s why we must confess our iniquities. That way, we will be free from contamination of the world and we’ll go back to ministering to the Lord. When we feel the anointing of the Most High upon us, we’ll be in conditions to pray and be heard by our Father!

If God hadn’t sent Abiathar to David, he wouldn’t have received his priestly ephod. If the Lord hadn’t sent Jesus to save us, we wouldn’t be able to minister before Him and receive responses to our requests. Our battles can be fought and won, as long as we have clean vestures and seek God’s guidance. That way, we will proceed wisely in any circumstance. The victory is ours!

However, if we committed transgressions, we should do what the devil fears the most: confess our mistakes to the Lord, so He will forgive us and cleanse us. Now, some people must also confess their sins to those they subtracted something from or caused physical or moral harm (Luke 17:3). Our sins against God should be confessed to Him. Only then will we be ready to be His instruments.

We have a majestic God! He provided that our confessions would be a way to free us from the hands of the devil. When we’re forgiven, we owe nothing to the enemy and he can’t operate in our lives anymore. Always have your Ephod in hands, so you’ll receive guidance that never fails. Today, the Lord replies through His Son, His Word (Hebrews 1:1). 

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God, our rescuer! We need this understanding, because sometimes we don’t feel pure enough to enter Your presence and receive Your answers. With that, the evil one attacks us and we suffer by being away from You. Thank You for the lessons!

David knew that, because He fought Your battles, He needed to consecrate something in order to know Your will. He was certain that he was Your priest, prophetically speaking, and he acted as if it were his right to put on the priestly ephod. Thank You, our Father and friend.

Now we don’t have to be afraid of acknowledging our failures and asking whoever we harmed to forgive us. We believe You are guiding us to win the battle that’s Yours. Lord, You are unequaled!


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