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Therefore I have hewn them by the prophets, I have slain them by the words of My mouth; And your judgments are like light that goes forth. Hosea 6:5

Even with the division in the house of David into two kingdoms, there was no separation between the faithful and the unbelievers, the kingdom of Judah and that of Ephraim. The good deeds practiced by both were compared to the morning fog and the morning dew, which soon pass (Hos 6.4). Until, in Judah, during some reigns, there was a real spiritual awakening. However, during others, only perdition.

The Lord sent prophets to these peoples, but it was in vain. God’s servants came to them with the power to warn and slaughter them. It is necessary to be attentive to the preaching of the Scriptures, because the same authority rests on what is said. The Word preached by the shepherds has the power to liberate and to kill – to separate the rebels from the Almighty. It would be good if everyone followed the biblical guidelines.

A message may seem full of anointing, but if you don’t mix it with faith, nothing special will be done for you. Jesus declared that, in Elisha’s day, Israel’s lepers were not healed because they did not pay attention to what that man of God could do for them. General Naaman, the head of the army of the king of Syria, who had defeated Israel, believed what he heard and was healed (Luke 4:27).

In our churches, many, even our relatives, have ignored the Lord’s revelations and, as a result, do not get answers to their questions. Now, faith is given to them, however, for some reason, these beloved and close ones do not allow to be touched and are without the blessings available to the children of God. In the case of lepers, it was not Elisha’s fault, but those who did not believe him.

Some from Ephraim, from the northern kingdom, and from Judah received the word of the Lord. However, even so, God had to kill them – separate them from fellowship with Him. The same has happened today, as many people cannot even get rid of the headache and, therefore, live far from the operations of power divine. Why would the Most High not deliver them, if He has done so even for those who understand nothing of faith but believe?

What would happen to Samaria and Judah would be very sad. It was even worse with the inhabitants of Ephraim. When Salmaneser, the king of Assyria, took them into captivity, they were never heard from again (2 Kings 18: 9-11). Judah was not unscathed: he experienced Babylonian captivity for 70 years. The story could have been different for these peoples. Likewise, there will be many “believers” in the lake of fire and sulfur. Have mercy!

There is no way to prevent judgments about who remains in sin. Some do not even consider past events as examples of what will happen to those who give iniquity, are fraudulent and never regret their wrongdoing. Only repentance will make them escape on the Day of Judgment.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of mercy and love! We cry out for brothers who will not be touched by Your Word. The judgment will be without mercy and will start first at Your house. May the "blind" see their condition and repent as soon as possible!

Even overwhelmed by the words of prophecy in the Scriptures and in the message preached in the pulpits, there are those who consider themselves special and do not see the evils they practice. These will not rise with Your Son nor escape eternal torment. Have mercy!

May Your Word convince you of error! When the Judgment comes, nothing will stop Him from sentencing such lives. Give these people the necessary repentance for salvation and judge them in Christ. Amen!


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