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Lift up Your feet to the perpetual desolations. The enemy has damaged everything in the sanctuary. Psalm 74:3

The psalmist begged the Most High to rise up against the perpetual desolations caused by the devil after Adam’s sin. So, they were undone when Jesus gave His life to rescue us. Since then, nothing needs to be done by the Lord against the enemy, because the judgment of the world has taken place: Satan has been cast out of his position among us. God answered this prayer through the death of Christ!

Mankind initiated with Adam and Eve was the Lord´s congregation, but because of their error it was used by Satan in the most sordid and filthy way possible, causing them to worship the demons, the eternal enemies of God. But the heavenly Father sent His Son to rescue the fallen man. Now we have to preach the Gospel in order to lead the lost to salvation (Mark 16:15).

If we obey the command Go, we will see God act. The message must be clear: nobody needs to suffer the iniquities, pains, and diseases, nor any punishment. Those who believe in the preaching of the Good News receive faith and get rid of any misfortune. Divine power operates without any effort on our part; we just need to be in fellowship with the Lord.

The word perpetual in this verse shows that desolation was not part of God’s plan. They began when of Adam’s sin and ended in Jesus’ vicarious work. The Savior stripped the devil of his ability to oppress us, paying with His blood the price of our redemption. From then on, we must demand the enemy’s exit, paralyze his work, and resist all evil. Our salvation is real and final; so, believe and receive your blessing.

The mistake of many is to accept demonic prejudice against the Gospel. People are unaware that by believing in the message of the cross, they are given the power to deliver them from their problems and become children of God. Now, what is the reason for someone to stand up against the true freedom at their disposal? No doubt this opposition is the work of the devil. It is up to us to preach the Truth, which delivers those who believe in it.

You are the Lord’s inheritance, and He will never forget it. After all, Christ fully fulfilled the divine plan. God did it because He loved us as we are, not because we are so important that He paid such a price. Nothing else is needed to rescue us. Yes, we need to proclaim the Truth which sets free those who come to know it. We have great value to God because our spirit has His essence.

It doesn’t matter whom you have been to this day; allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life. Call on Him and be delivered right now. You are the inheritance redeemed by the Lord from Mount Zion (Psalm 74:2), which occurred during the three days Jesus was there, stripping the devil of the power to make man suffer. Believe! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! You have redeemed us from the hands of the one who was stronger than us by freeing us from his captivity and giving us complete freedom. Nothing else can overpower us; after all, the one who died was defeated.

Always remember us, Your congregation, purchased by You since ancient times. The enemy no longer oppresses us. We can bind captivity, in which he insists on arresting us, and demand his retreat. 

Your Son came into the world and took our place, freeing us from the empire of darkness and leading us to Your Kingdom of love. Now we can rest and go to the end in our faith, because You lead us to the abundant life brought by Christ!


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